Sunday, March 16, 2008

Journal - Sports Day 2008

Great job prepping the kids Miss Sham. Love your ideas!!!
Thanks Miss Sharon - we appreciate all the hard work!!!
Miss Kuna - great job - we know that you had loads to do!!!

The kiddoes with some friends.

Sean - waiting for the march past. Check out the ribbons on the forehead, stripes in the cheek and mismatched socks.

Clarissa - waiting for the march past..
The Red Indian Mascot for the Ruby Team - doesn't he look smart???

The Ruby Team in formation at the field... Go Ruby!!!
May the games begin!!! {with the release of the balloons}
The goodies to be won...

Clarissa on her way for the 100m ... You go gal!!!

Sean - about to fall... LOL!!!

Finally finishing the sack jump and going to the football obstacle.

In the 100m finals - kept looking and making sure that Nad kept up with him!!! Errrm Baby - its a race - you are supposed to try to be faster and not wait for your friend????

It was Sports Day on friday. Needless to say that we are still recovering from it. We arrived there at 7.30a.m. and the whole affair was delayed a whole hour and lasted all the way till 1.30p.m. It was HOT!!! And Clarissa was dehydrated and started vomitting at the end and we ended up in the hospital as she could not stop vomitting - the poor gal. Sean started a high fever in the afternoon - so I really had my hands full on fri.

Clarissa was disappointed as she did not win any medals. I was not fussed because she is already on Augmentin since mon and she is still not 100% well. Sean however came in fourth in the 100m Year 3 boys finals. I kept laughing cos he was more interested that Nad, his best friend keeps up with him - check the photos above. Through team effort, Sean won a gold medal for the Obstacle race.

Well done my little darlings. Dont worry about the winning - its the participation that counts. In the meantime - I will nurse my sunburns. Till the next sports day...


JazzScraps said...

Babe, you had me laughing there when I read the part about Sean waiting up for his best friend!! So cute la that boy!! HAHAHA!!

But so sorry to hear that the kids didn't feel well after all that! However they do deserve a round of applause from Auntie Jazz for such sporting spirit! Well done Clarissa & Sean!

And I so love that wonderful Ruby Team attire!! esp. the mismatched socks!! So Coool!!

chowchow said...

Thanks for being supportive Jazz... Yup - thats Sean for you - he kept looking to make sure that his friend Nad kept up with him - you should have been there Jazz - I was laughing and in stitches...

teacher jessy said...

Haha... I totally have to agree about Sean waiting for his pal! It was funny and silly at the same time. M, loving your photos here :)