Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Journal - Cocoa Fruit

Have you ever seen a cocoa fruit? Yes - the cocoa that is made into chocolates. Well - this is the fruit that has been given to me an very nice old lady - an friend of fil. When eaten raw, the cocoa seeds taste like mangosteen.
To turn it into chocolate is a whole different matter. One would have to remove the seeds from the pod, dry it, roast it and start to gring the seeds to obtain pure cocoa. Mix it with milk, sugar, etc - would result in delicious chocolate! Chocolate - my favourite food... Drool....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Journal - Happy Birthday Ah Kong

We were all back cos of this man. Ah Kong celebrated his chinese 80th birthday this year. Happy Birthday Ah Kong!!! Wishing you many happy returns and health always.

NB : Note how my fil gave me the evil eye when I snapped his pic. LOL!!!

Journal - Hero the Chi Hua Hua

My sis-in-law (sil) was here in KL earlier this week to purchase a chi hua hua. We managed to locate one for her and since then the kids have been pestering me for a chi hua hua. I have to say that Hero is one of the cutest dog I have ever seen. He is tiny and so very very cute. Check out Hero after we have him a bath. He must have felt so good that he started feeling sleepy and actually fell asleep in sil's arm. Such a precious moment!

Journal - Hometown Abode

Our hometown abode was built by my father-in-law (fil) in 1982. To me - this house is just a product of a proud ex-rubber tapper who made good for his family. What I loved about this house apart from the size is the surroundings. The kids have plenty if space to run and bike and it is situated from prying eyes as we are on top of a small hill.

To reminisce, I have taken a couple of pics of my favourite things in this house. I love all the old things in this house e.g. the grandfather clock that my fil will have to wind everytime he comes, my mil's sewing machine, the marble walls and the lights on wooden ceiling. This old swing is where I spent some pleasant time in the breeze whilst reading my novels. The kids will running or biking around and marvelling at the snails, ants or spiders that they see. My kids are very much city kids. All these things are in not so pristine condition as the house is vacant except when we go home. Hence, I thought I better blog them before they are gone.

I used to have a vegetable plot that alas was overgrown when I was away and my fil filled my vegetable patch up unceremoniously with cement. Only a profusion of screwpine leaves are left, sigh... I managed to chance upon some old sweet potato vines that had dried up since then. Brought back some nice memories when I used to grow tapiaco, tomatoes, chillies, papaya, pineapples, choy sum vege, sweet potatoes and even kailan.

Alas, all that is left is a tumble of screwpine leaves (pandan leaves) and some flowers which the domestic engineers trimmed bare but not before I took some photos of the flowers, of course.

Journal - Scenes of Hometown I

Hometown for DH is a sleepy town in Johore called Segamat. It was made famous last year by the floods. Nearly most of the segamt town people were trapped by the floods and awaited rescue for a week! Hopefully, we will not see any of this sort of natural disaster this year.

I awoke to a beautiful scenery from my house. It was 7 o'clock in the am but the whole town seemed to be enveloped in a fine mist. I took my camera to take some pictures of it. I was unable to sleep the night before as the authorities has taken to draw thick yellow anti-speed lines in front of our house. Drats, it sounded so loud everytime any car drove past. Even my poor kids were not spared by the awful racket! Both did not sleep well as a result - plus mummy too...

My kids love going back as they normally enjoy stress-free cycling and they were already at it plus a round of plastic golf. LOL!!! I am delighted that they always enjoy being away from the city and I think they are so lucky to be able to appreciate the difference.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Journal - Tagged

I have been tagged by my fellow DT, KitKatz at SnC. I now have to reveal 7 random facts about myself. Here it goes:

1) Like Kitkatz - I LIVE to eat!!!

2) I must sleep a lot - otherwise I will get run down and get sick. Normal hours - 9.30p.m. till 6a.m.

3) I love to operate on a routine. E.g. I go marketing on a certain day, do my walks at a certain time on certain days etc. I normally get stressed and forgetful if my routine is disrupted.

4) I love to travel. Luckily my other half and kids are game although must say that DH loves the cold weather whilst I am not so keen on it. I love experiencing diff things in life. I esp love visiting the areas where all the normal or even poor people stay. Dont ask me why...

5) I have to lose more weight. I used to weigh 45 kilos but being older and wiser now - I will strive for 54 kilos. I always think that I need to work on myself more. Need to lose weight and need to look better - I am hovering at 57 or 58 on a bad day.

6) I am normally a happy person. I love conditioning myself that way.

7) I cry very easily. I cry at sad movies, I cry when my friend's cry, when someone passes away - even though I dont know them. My tears will just flow naturally. Awfully nuts right?

Well, this is certainly very revealing. Kitkatz - hope you are satisfied.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cards - Xmas 2007

These are some cards that I made for Xmas this year. I do plan to sell them - I hope to raise a bit of money for charity. At the moment, my friend and I are supporting an AIDS charity home based in Batu Arang. My friend diligently goes every 3 months and we normally send stuff with her. However, this time the home has requested for tuition money for 2 of their kids. Hence, we are trying to raise funds for their tuition. Hope I get to sell these and get some money for the home.

I am still quite an amatuer when it comes to making cards. I dont really enjoy making them. As you can probably see - the sewing mahine was not cooperating with me. Ah well, hope the one that buys the cards will be understanding on that.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Journal - Pedicure Party

I attended a pedicure party today. I must say it was very fun and we had lots of yummy food and a tad too much to drink! I was quite naughty (I blame it on the wine, snicker) and caught some naughty shots. But I can only show you a very nice butt shot. Nice butt - LL. I took some shots of before and after pedicure which I included here and some of the spread. Yums....

Our gracious hostess plied us with food and lots of wine. I have made a mental note to mention that our hostess made us a salsa for us! Although I kinda expected her to cook some cordon blue dishes as her spanking new kicthen is fab! Well done L! Wishing you many happy returns and health and happiness throughout!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Altered Art - Santa Photo Frames

These photo frames are available from www.scrap-n-crop.com. I just painted them and added some glitter glue and they are now ready for my xmas tree. Looking forward to Xmas...

Journal - Hansel and Gretel Play

Clarissa had her first performance in MGIS today. She played the part of the stepmom in Hansel and Gretel. The show was adapted from the Hansel and Gretel but had a few variations:

1) Witch could not afford a gingerbread house cos of the high taxes
2) There were the 7 elves that came to the rescue of Hansel and Gretel but failed

3) There was a fairy dogmother and a fairy frogfather who eventually rescued the 2 by jumping into the pot

4) Both Hansel and Gretel succeeded in being super irritating by repeating the their names on and on in whiny voices.
The play was simply hilarious! I must say that I was so pleased that everyone in year 5 participated and really put up a great show. Great effort shown by the kids and teachers who pulled this play together in 2 weeks! Check out the expressions on Clarissa's face - priceless.... LOL!!!

Journal - The American Bazaar

As all of you know - Scrap-n-Crop was at the American Bazaar yesterday. I apologise for the lateness in blogging but my broadband was down till late morning and I had to attend DD's play in school and my birthday lunch today with friends. So - here is the pictures of the day.

We did pretty well in terms to creating awareness in the company. There were lots of interested ladies in terms of classes and we are excited about it. Looks like we will be busy soon. I am happy about that.