Friday, December 19, 2008

A new year - A new beginning

Hi friends, I will be abandoning this blog to this new one.  The reason being that I have accepted another DT position and I have to have a scrapping blog.  Being not tech savvy - I can't maintain too many blogs and hence the change.  See you there....

In the meantime - I will be away from the 23rd till the 27th.  Catch up with you all soon...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yes I know - I have neglecting my blog. Its been a few hectic weeks and I have barely enough time to sleep let alone blog. Things that have happened:

1) Visiting the Orang Asli Community
2) Going on LIVE TV
3) Preparing for the concert for the CADS centre.

The concert was over yesterday. I now can breathe a sigh of relief and we can now relax and enjoy the holidays. Up next would be a trip to Singapore - which I am looking forward to. And a nice cool Xmas in Hong Kong. will blog more later. Have to go Iz to the pet shop. She is way long overdue for her grooming... Naughty mummy has neglected her too...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journal - Raising social responsible kids

In my bid to raise social responsible kids - our latest venture was the kids doing the Alice Smith bazaar and making cookies in order to raise funds for them.  I personally think that its very important to have a child that realises he/ she is much more fortunate than others are.  This is not done overnight but of course through years of training.

We went to the Kg Tekir on saturday.  It was amazing to see the conditions of the houses and the kids.  Education is not a priority to them and a lot of the kids just while their day away by just playing.  Jessy went in on tuesday to teach the kids this book - "The Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle".  The kids also learnt about the days of the week,  types of food in there both in Bahasa and English.  I was particularly saddened when I found out that the kids there do not know what is a birthday and what is a birthday cake.  That brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks to another kind friend, Linda - she sponsored 150 cupcakes for us to bring in for the kids.  These kids have not eaten a lot of the fruits that we have taken for granted - like pears,  plums,  some apples and oranges,  strawberries etc.  Nadhrah donated some party packs which the kids squealed and wowed in delight. Thanks so much Nadhrah.  I am sure when you see the happiness that radiated from these kids eyes - you would have teared up.

We were cutting up fruits in a frenzy to serve the kids and they gobbled most of the stuff up.  What a great feeling it was - just serving and doing good.  It was a tiring day but it was all worth it! I am now planning when to go next!

Journal -Paranoid??

I am really totally knackered.  I have been on adrenaline for some time.  I have not returned to my usual lazy self at all.  For an inkling of how I normally operate - just picture GARFIELD.  Yup - thats me!

I have been quite tired and I have also been snapping at people.  A friend called me paranoid with my daughter - I couldn't control myself and I snapped back publicly at her.  That is not my normal self but I think tiredness came into play and some other reasons too.  I kept wondering if I really come across like a paranoid parent?

Like the charity concert that the kids are performing at - of course I nag them everyday to practise their piano.  Would that be considered PARANOID?  I do not think so.  I have faith in the teacher and when it comes to ability - I most often let the teacher decide. Of course I do test out my kids to see if they can do it themselves and most often - they prove to me that they can do better than I have expected them to do. A simple caption - like - Sean Ku Airlines - Delighting you always - puts a smile on my face. No doubt it was copied from Canon but he is only 8 years old and to put 2 and 2 together - I am happy.

The concert is looming and I am still writing the script.  We had the rehearsal today.  I was quite amazed to see that there were not many parents nor kids attending the rehearsal.  PErhaps I am kiasu but I thought that it would be better for the kids to just re-familairise themselves to the surroundings since it has been 2 years since our last charity concert in a hotel.  Perhaps I am wrong thus paranoid.

I am not the type of parent who will let my kids fail.  Its not that I want them to excel but I see no reason for a child to fail if they have tried.  The worst thing is to do their handwriting,  colouring etc for them to save the hassle of telling them to do it.  Perhaps my reluctance to do that does stresses me which eventually I do share to my friends and thus allowing them to brand me paranoid.

Well,  I am coping and doing my best.  All I want is sensible kids.  I want them to be responsible and if they do something wrong - they have to own up.  In no way - I will accept a "I don't know" as I feel that no one is STUPID in this world. It is just up to yourself to accept the knowledge and strive to gain it - that is the most important.  

Enough ramblings - do leave me a note on what you feel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Layout - FAmily

I know that I haven't been scrapping much.  To get myself back into it,  I have decided to scrap an easy layout of just cut and paste.  This is what I  have come up with.

Made tis lo for the SK Bloodline challenge.

Materials used:
SSF pp,  MM Xmas pp,  CI stickers,  K n Co Chipboard letters and flourish,  Bazzill pp and scallop,  Pearl Bling,  Green gingham ribbon,  MM Paperie clip,  3d pop up dots and zig pen.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Late Night at the bazaar PLUS
Helping out at the Stall PLUS
Jumping up and down on the trampoline PLUS
Helping Mummy carry the bazaar stuff to the car PLUS
Waking up tomorrow for a 2 hour Art exhibition PLUS
Having to finish his food EQUALS to

DISSOLVING INTO TEARS as he is tired.  HE is 8 but still behaving like he is only 3.  Sigh....

My Sloppy Eater

Oops - the photos have been uploaded in the wrong sequence again.  Finally noticing that his rice is everywhere and giving me a smile.

Oh mummy - you mean I have rice on my arm?

well - its ok - Its only rice on my arm.

Notice all the rice spilling everywhere - even on the plate?  Sigh.

Sean is really a sloppy eater and I have decided to to document this.  Gosh - I took these pictured as he was eating his rice and soup.  Sigh... Look at the rice everywhere - even on his FACE!!! Apologise for the yucky lighting and blurred photos.

Alice Smith Bazaar

Cookies container made by Agnes. Thanks dear - its just too cute.

Lately - I have been quite DUH to say the least. But I have forgotten to take pics at the American Bazaar. Luckily I have remembered to take some rudimentary shots at the Alice Smith Xmas Bazaar. I have to remember to thank the following people for all their help rendered:

1) Agnes
who drove diligently and made such beautiful cards, cookie gift containers, crackled some signs for us, Xmas ornaments, buying us the wires for the albums etc for us to sell and worked so hard for everything. My heartfelt thanks to you Agnes.

2) Jessy
who is my "in-house" photographer and always is there to support me. Helped me make beautiful cards, taking lovely photos, Xmas ornaments, etc.

3) Aida
Most of the kids that bot the notebooks were lovingly fingering the tassels that you taught me. We have an order for the Ikea Spice Jars - 20 - thanks to you - you single handedly helped me raise RM400 plus. Thanks so much for your ideas.

4) Nadhrah
For helping us sell our products at the Curve, her house, The Choice in Bangsar etc etc... A very big thank you as the first sale was made by you.

5) Elizabeth
Thanks so much for the aid in getting our tables at the Alice Smith and so generously sponsoring our tables. In addition - you were great in promoting our products and the bulk of sales came from you.

6) Alison
Thanks for your very generous donation and the no questions asked policy and just whipping out your cheque book.

7) S-Lene
For your cash donation and 20 Ikea jars. I will cutting away soon and bringing the jars to you.

8) E-Lene
For buying all my Basic Grey Ball Xmas Ornaments

9) Lek
You know what you bought and for spending some time with me.

10) Lai Cheng
Who is always a dear and support in terms of buying and encouraging my kids.

11) Debbie - for your donation.

12) The rest - is too many to name but a HEARTFELT THANKS from me. I will be visiting the Kg Tekir kids on the 29th and will come back with photos showing you how happy the kids were. Thanks for helping me put a smile on a less fortunate kid.

Baking Cookies for charity

Photo taken in my room when the kids wanted me to ok the cookies. Great job you 2.

I was busy when the kids was baking the cookies and I missed a great opportunity taking photos of them UNSUPERVISED baking in the kitchen. However, I am proud to say that they managed to come up with beautiful and yummy cookies. HEnce I am very proud. The cookies sold well at the ALice Smith bazaar and I hope that in time - my kids will learn that helping people can be a GREAT hobby...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Art exhibition

Hope Canon doesn't sue me- Sean used their caption.  Sean Ku Airlines - Delighting you always. Hope I get my red coloured jet once my son strike it rich! HE promised me one.  ;)

His Lego car.  Always a mess...  LOL!

The munchkin standing proudly beside his works of art.

Clarissa - Dancing Butterflies

My Beautiful mummy by Clarissa.  
I know what Al is going to say. Its not me - but my daughter says it is me.  I am beautiful - wheee!!! :)

Clarissa with her paintings - all smug and happy.

Sorry photo uploaded in the wrong sequence. Of late - Blogger has been giving me problems on loading.  The tea ceremony which Purple Cane threw for us.  Teaching the kids how to make tea in the proper way.  My 2 were too tired from the bazaar to participate. Hence - we sat down in a corner quietly to enjoy the ceremony.

With their Art Teacher Jane.  Thanks Jane for organising this exhibition.  We all know that you have worked very hard.

Group photo.

More Xmas Cheer!!!

Kids with Sabby,  Aichan and Yukie...

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 3 Naughty Elves

Saw this in Wati's blog - its fun - do try it...

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Altered Notebooks for charity

These are some of the altered notebooks which I have made towards the Kg Tekir charity fund.  Hope they sell well today at the Alice Smith school.

Happy Birthday Izzie

This little girl turns 1 today. Happy Birthday Izzie!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Altered canvas - Xmas Countdown

Did this canvas on a whim.  I was talking to Shar and she used this MM sheet of paper to make ATCs.  Hence - I have decided to use it in another way.  I remembered that Yatie told me about these little small canvases -thanks Yatie and hence this idea popped into my head. I haven't finished the sides but I am too excited and want to share with everyone. 

I am very happy that I managed to get off my butt to do something creative and thanks Shar for the inspiration. 

Materials used:
MM Xmas Paper 2008,  Little Yellow Bicycles Xmas 2008 PP,  Little Davis - alphas,  MMe Glitter chipboard,  UTEE,  Prima Xmas Poinsetta and leaves,  TH Stamps,  Brilliance Inks,  Acrylic Paint,  Bubble Wrap,  Charms from everywhere,  trims and pearls from local haberdashery,  Ric Racs,  Fibres from Australia,  Autumn Leaves buttons,  3d lacquer,  Perfect meduim,  Kindyglitz glitter glue and lots of work!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Distress Inked ATC class at SV

Shar has very kindly offered for me to teach an ATC class at SV again. These are the samples that I have made for the class. I hope to channel the proceeds to the Kg Tekir kids.  Hope that we have more registrants for the class. Wish me luck.