Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Journal - We are moving

Just a quick note. I will be very busy packing and moving. May not have time to scrap. We are moving to another unit whilst my house is being renovated. If you don't hear from me, have a pleasant 2 weeks. Till then.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Layout - Pretty in Pink

Isn't Jun Xi pretty in pink? I loved the Basic Grey Romani paper. I found it too busy to be used on its own and hence I decided to cut a portion of it out. Found that it was too flat on its own and decided to add dimensions onto by stitching and adding buttons and some bling onto it.

Did the titles in sizzix, painted it with acrylic paint and added kindyglitz on it to make it pop. I love this layout as it is so girly.

Materials used:

Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey paper, Buttons, Bling, DMC embroidery thread, Kindlyglitz, 3-d Lacquer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Accordion Album - Faces {Sean}

This is another accordion album that I made for Sean. He has such persona on camera. In this album, I have showcased the various expression that Sean is able to pull off in front of the camera. I would have to give credit to Simone for taking such great photos of Sean, thanks Simone.

Star Album - Cowboy

I have adapted the star album into a bigger size - 6x6. I have a series of photos of Sean in cowboy clothes. At this stage Sean was very much into the Toy story 2 in oct 2004. Sean had been hospitalised for high fever the week before and I decided some fresh air will do him good and hence off we flew to Perth for him to recuperate.

The photos were taken by a photographer at the Subiaco Markets. she was very good with kids and managed to take lots of photos in different costumes. I have selected the ones in his cowboy suit and scrapped them.

To make this album personal, I showed Sean every picture and he did the journalling for the album. I actually coordinated the paper by using distress ink by Adirondack with a brayer on glossy paper. This was a technique that was taught to me by L, my scrap teacher. the result was a highly-personalised album with Sean and my effort which made it even more precious. I have also included a drawing of a cowboy that Sean drew. This album was made in year 2005. Seems like yesterday.

Mini album - {First Xmas Star Album}

Looking at this album brings back fond memories of L. L was my scrapbooking teacher who taught me this album. L, if you are reading, I wish you the BEST of health and hope that you are doing well.

This is by far the most tedious album that I have made. The effort is well worth it. Please check the beaded binding on the sides. The star album is impressive when it opens up. Hope you will enjoy looking at this album.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Layout - Anticipating

This is page 1 of a 10 pages commission by a close friend of mine. I normally do not like to do scrapbooks for other for the fear I may not live up to the expectation. In addition, I am in the Elsie Flanigan mood lately and I have been doodling a lot and I am afraid that others may not like it.

However, after I started this layout, I am glad that I am sorta back to normal with my layouts. However, I could not resist to to fill in the outline of the lettering with my marker pen to make is more pronounced, he he... I added some heart-shaped buttons as an after thought as I thought this would create a better visual triangle.

Why the title "Anticipating?" Waiting for the baby. I added the following pregnant words from a a magazine which I thought were very apt:

heartburn, achy back, stretch marks, 9 months period free!, feeling a life move inside me, waiting with anticipation, baby name brainstorming, huge prenatal vitamins, tiny cute clothes, excitement, joy, paranoia, growing tummy, weight gain, maternity clothes, dreaming of you, Doctor appointments, quiet moments alone, labour pains, lots of pictures, first moments, soft baby skin, middle of night feedings, initial painful nursing, cuddling, dirty diapers, soft warm blankets, gushing grandmas and perfect unconditional love.


Basic Grey LilyKate paper, lace, trim, Heidi Swapp flower, Acid-free 3d Lacquer, Adirondack Acrylic dabbers and a maroon button and some heart=shaped buttons.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Journal - Sebastian

Sebastian, our hamster were given to us by Christine and Oliver when they left for New York in 2005. He became very tame during his too brief stay with us. He used to love to jump into my hands from the cage and loved hand feeding. He scored 2 escapes but will come to my feet when I called him.

We grew to love him very much. Sebastian developed cancer early Jan 2006 and had a tumour growing outside the lip. We decided against surgery for fear that he may not wake up from surgery. He held on bravely for a couple of months and finally succumbed to a couple of months later.

We were all very devastated when Sebastian died. He remains today as one of our most favourite pet. Rest in peace Sebastian.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Layout - Photo op

This is another page from Clarissa's pool party album. I painted a wave on top of the transparency and cut according to the outline. I drew some straight lines thereafter adding on some 3d lacquer to look like droplets of water.

Painted a sun on the right hand corner and sewed all the transparencies on. Used sizzix lettering to complete the layout. Easy layout as I am getting tired and don't have much time.

Layout - Title Page {Pool Party Album}

I am very excited with these new stickers that Momoyo will be bringing in. They are just like the Jolee's stickers but with one third of their price (under RM10). Check them out - the swimming float, goggles and pool title is all part of the sticker collection. They all come in one pack and there were also 2 other stickers - a pair of flip flops with a float and a swimming costume - yes, all under RM1o!!! It's such a deal.

This layout is just the title page for Clarissa's pool party. Just wanted lots of words and added the stickers on for fun. By the way, the stickers will be available November, 2007. Look out for them at the new Hallmark shops at the Great Eastern Mall in Ampang and at the Gardens at Midvalley. New info - Momoyo will also be bringing in chipboard stickers. Will upload the wedding sample when I am free and again yes - under RM10. I hope that with the cheaper pricing, people are more encouraged to start scrapbooking and stickers are the easiest way to start.

Layout - Bubble Belles

These pictures were taken by Sharon on Clarissa's 9th birthday. I am trying to scrap her birthday album and this will be one of the layout in it. This is my first attempt on being very messy and I had fun - complete with paint all over my fingers!!!

I have decided to use transparencies in the lo. I cut them into circles using my sizzix circles. Then I painted them with acrylic paint in both aqua and white. To my suprise, i was able to use the negatives to the bigger circles to enhance the girl's faces. Hence, i painted the sides of it and sewed the transparencies down. Ok - the sewing is much to be desired ;-( I an't no tailor, ok?

Lastll I added the titles "Bubble Belles" with my Sizzix ransom alphabars and we are done. Whole layout done without using any store bought embellishment. Yippee!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Journal - Children's House Artwork

It was when I resumed packing today that I chanced upon some old artwork when Sean was at the Children's House. They were so cute and I have decided to blog them before I threw them away. Yes, they are precious memories but I really can't be hanging on to every piece of artwork. There will be too many to collect. Here are some that has "survived" through the years. Brings back old memories. Sigh... Wish I could turn back the clock and they were little kiddoes then.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Journal - Clarissa {First Shoes}

I was packing today when I saw Clarissa's first shoes. She wore it on her first month party at the Melia hotel. I kept her white gown in her wardrobe but have no idea where the shoes were. I finally found them together with her little hairband. Guess what? She has been using them all along for her Baby Bjorn who is a doll that she loves to dress up. Yes, up until now. The poor child has yet to give up on dolls.

Journal - Powerful Words

I stumbled onto these words in one of my scrapbooking magazines. Loved them and inspired by them. Here it goes:

In every community there is work to be done.

In every nation, there are wounds to heal.

In every heart there is the POWER to do it.

Marianne Williamson.

Mini album - {Sunshines} A preview

I am beginning to count my blessings and thankful for what I have. The idea came to me and I decided to scrap what are essentially the sunshines in my life. Both my kids really make me laugh and more and I have decided to make this sunshine album to depict that.

I made a cutout of a sun and and started playing with the shapes and finally came up with this album. I have not had time to fill the pages and my renovations are a go and I have to start packing frantically. So, may not have time to scrap and blog for the next 2 months. Hopefully everything will work out.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Layout - Clarissa {Wonder Woman}

I had a good laugh doing this layout. I ain't no Picasso neither am I Stan Lee. But the picture that I drew of Wonder Woman will have to do, will have to do.

Clarissa had her picture taken with Wonder Woman in Movieworld. I was sure that she had no idea who she was at that time. Although Sean reminded her that she had seen her in the Justice League. For the more ancient ones like myself, we grew up watching the Wonder Woman series.

As usual, I just drew a comic strip to depict her. My only embellishment was a picture that I hand drew - ain't much but would have to suffice. The rest is just the sizzix lettering. i have also added a stamp on the layout which I loved. See if you can spot it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Journal - Sean - Drawing Batman

As I was doodling Batman, Sean followed suit and came up with his own Batman drawing. I really love it when the kids start to pick up a pencil and draw rather than have their eyes fixated on the telly. He has yet to finish the drawing but I thought I better blog it before it goes missing.

Layout - Batman and Batboy

These are 2 layouts that depict what happened when we went to Movieworld in the Gold Coast in 2005. Sean was totally in awe of Batman. He was especially thrilled when Batman actually took the time to walk up to him and speak with him and posed for photos. The results were a series of cool pics of Batman and potentially Batboy??? LOL

I am trying out a new style of scrapping today - freehand drawing comic style on the events. In the first layout, I started with a cityscape with the Batmobile. Then it was the batmobile moving along at a rapid speed. The journalling went :

One day in Gotham City... Batman was cruising along in his Batmobile. His latest mission was to find Batboy...

In the 2nd layout, I had Batman looking and spotting the potential Batboy, convincing him to join his crime-fighting crusade and both of them posing for photos. The jounalling went:

Suddenly, a special boy caught his eye. He jumped out of his Batmobile and approached the lad. "Would you like to join me as my new sidekick?" asked Batman. Sean, the boy, readily agreed and a new crime-fighting duo - BATMAN & BATBOY was created!!!

This layout is a deviation from what I normally do. I had fun doing the comic strips. I started sketching with pencil, graduating to watercolour and enhancing the images with markers. Must say that this is one of the most cutest designs that I have tried.

Materials used:

Acid-free art block, Water colour, Markers and lots of imagination!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Journal - First day of school {MIGS}

Kids are finally transferred to an international school. Both were very excited and yes, mummy being sick and such a blur blob did not take any photos of them in their new uniform yet. Mental not to self - must take photos of kids in new uniform.

Sean is in Year 3 and Clarissa is in Year 5. Sean cried at assembly when he was asked to introduce himself. He told me, "I was just too shy." It was business as usual for Clarissa as she was appointed as a probationary prefect. Clarissa has been a prefect for 2 years now in her old school. She is most thrilled as the school is offering Choral Speaking as an ECA subject. My girl loves going on the stage to talk hence this will be a great opportunity to tap that talent.

Both has made friends and hopefully everything will go well.

I would like to congratulate my friend who has managed to get her son into Alice Smith and her daughter to Garden international, ending months of anxiety. I am sure everything will be smooth sailing for your family thereafter too.

Journal - I am back!

I am back! I managed to shake off my fever and feeling a little better. I started a little cough but I am feeling much better!

Sharon managed to uncover 1 of the scrapbooking gems of Malaysia - she is Irene from Penang. Her distressing work is amazing as evidenced in her blog. Please visit : scrapperlicious.blogspot.com. I love her 3-d work! She is natural at scrapbooking as she has never attended a class. Some people just has talent. What can I say? Bravo Irene. Should we start a Malaysian Scrapbooking Association soon? Anyone int, please email me.

Layout - Siblings

This another old layout way back in 2005. Very simple - cos I did not know what in the world I was doing. Just cut some halved hearts through a template and reversed them. A simple saying sticker completed my layout. Very simple but meaningful to me as the kids really got along well then. Now - they are at each other's throat everyday! Sigh....

Layout - By the Beach {Sean}

This is a very old layout that was scraplifted in 2005. I loved the idea so much and couldn't resist doing exactly the same thing. Photos were taken at the Hillary's Boat Harbour Beach in Perth. Sean was just having fun shovelling sand and building castles on the beach.

Materials used:

Cardstock, needle and thread to outline.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Journal - Attack of the Fever Virus

I am tired, I am grouchy and I ache all over!!! It has been a while since I had fevers like this. Man, I am really getting too old for this. It even hurts for me to lie in bed! The doctor said taht I had a fever of 39 degrees. Doc gave a jab last night which made me feel better - less aches but I still do feel very lethargic and quite miserable. I wonder how Sean feels when he is sick - his fevers are notorious at 40.7 degrees. Poor child.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mini album - Love (Ariff}

This love album concept is adapted from the Rebecca Erickson album. I have changed it to a ring album instead of eyelets. I used thin chipboard to cut out the letters LOVE.

I have lots of photos from Sharon with Ariff and Clarissa. Both were playing nicely and having a great time. Most were loving gazes from Clarissa and hence, the theme of the album is "What we love about you." Was a little tired as I am not well - have a sore throat and I have asked Clarissa to come up with the journalling.

Just used plain small sizzix letterings to make up the following words that Clarissa has used to describe what she loved about Ariff:

smile, laugh, bold, fun, playful, mini size, fuzzy, curly hair, cute boy.

Materials used :

Basic Grey papers, thin chipboard, Bazzill paper, Prima Flower, momoyo brad, KCK hear-shaped brads, ribbons and ric racks that I bought from various places.