Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Journal - Cooked {Clarissa and Sean}

Yes girls, you didnt read wrongly. I am finally so fed up with my kids that I finally threw them into the pot and started cooking them! Clarissa is smiling cos the water is not boiling yet but by the time it was Sean's turn, he was screaming in pain!!! Anyone who is hungry, please drop by my place to partake in this tasteful concoction of tender human flesh. No invitation needed!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mini Album - Love {Ariff} II

This was an album that I made for a friend's son. Clarissa loves little Ariff and it shows through the photos that we took of them playing together. I doodled and played with this album and had lots of fun. I must say that I did not have a suitable pen then and the pens that I'd used, the nibs were too thick. But I still like this album in spite.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Journal - Flowers {School Play}

First of all I must thank Sharon of Scrappingville for teaching me how to make these flowers. They are so beautiful, thanks very much. Why do I need to make the flowers?
Its for Clarissa's school play. The flowers would form part of the forest floor and they are doing Hansel and Gretel play. Will blog her play in another 3 weeks when it happens.

Which role has Clarissa playing? She is auditioning for the role of the stepmom. Drats, mummy wanted her to play the witch since I spent a bomb on her witch's costume for halloween. But those who have kids knows that our kids never listen do they? Snicker... Cest la Vie.

Journal - Prefect's Pledge {Clarissa}

Clarissa performed her prefect's pledge today. We are very pleased as she has proved to us that she is able to make it as a prefect. Hopefully, she will learn lots and treasure this experience.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Journal - Images of Halloween 2007

Halloween was celebrated in style yesterday. We had a bat pinata - thanks to S getting it from the store. S very kindly sponsored our party packs this year. Being summer all year round in Malaysia, the kids had a swim before the party started. Good old K (SL's hubby) helped to build the fire.

V came over with kids, mom and sister in tow. One of V's kids - is a special child. The rest of the parents were glad of the opportunity to meet with B and educate our kids on special kids. Thanks for coming V. It was our pleasure meeting B.

There were lots of food from different countries - Azerbijan, India and Malaysia. Sorry folks, I was running around too much and forgot to take pics of the food. The kids had a great time and it was mission accomplished. Till next year.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Journal - Merit Awards {Clarissa}

Clarissa received her first merit award today. Woohoo!!! I am confident this child will definitely thrive in this school. All I had known for years - that she would thrive in an international school - has come true for me.

The Junior school principal has recently introduced this merit award system for all the kids. It is very simple. The students have to earn merits through their assignments. For the past few weeks, Clarissa can be found on the computer googling on certain subjects and regugitating the facts onto manila cards. My stamps are all messed up by her as she is constantly using them to deco her projects. Never mind..

After receiving 5 merits, the students are awarded with 1 very spiffy looking merit certificate. This child is beaming with pride and oozing with confidence. Who could ask for more? I am one happy mummy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Card - Sympathy

Death is such a taboo amongst Asian society. My friend's dad recently passed on and we are finally meeting her for the first time. My other friends and I hope sincerely that we will be able to share her grief and get her through it. This is my very first attempt in making a sympathy card. Hope she will like it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Altered Can - Halloween 2007 II

This is another altered milk can that I made for halloween. Plan to stuff it to the brim with sweets. I really had fun doing this project, made me feel alive after a long hiatus. I have to give credit who dumped lots of milk cans for me to play with. Thanks very much, V. In addition, I must say that this can is totally inspired by Cheryl Mezzetti.

Materials used :

Jolee's Boutique halloween stickers, orange and black bazzill cardstock, Daisy D's halloween paper, Making Memories halloween paper, Making Memories halloween brads, momoyo orange brads, black acrylic paint and thin chipboard.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wall Hanging - Happy Birthday {V}

I made this wall hanging birthday for a friend whose birthday is coming soon. I have used a picture of an angel playing with butterflies and added some purple butterfly blings onto the pic. In addition, I have used the latest Basic Grey rubons to the background.

Punched out the letters using my trusty sizzix, painted the alphas using acrylic paint and added glitter. Thereafter, my only embellishment is an orange flower which I filled the center with yellow November prima flowers which I though was apt as her birthday is in november. A piece of lace to add some nostalgia feel. I have also used some fibers and a white rick rac as the hanging support. Hope she likes it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Journal - Dash and Edel

Dash and Edel were both my neighbour's dogs. They were really very cute and loving. We started bribing Dash over to our house and before we knew it, he was running to our place at every chance. He was so sweet to, he would always save a treat from us for Edel when Edel was to shy to come over.

Pics - Clarissa is with Edel and Sean is with Dash. Aren't they cute??? Pictures taken the night before they left. Sob, bye and have a great life in Manila you two.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Journal - Magix Exhibition

Both kids were involved in a Kid's art exhibition in Isetan, the Gardens in conjunction with the opening of Isetan. The exhibition titled "Magix" is the brainchild of Jane Yap, their art teacher. Both kids submitted a painting each and some painted rocks. Clarissa painted Edelweiss which is a miniature schnauzer owned by our former neighbours, the Tilos whom has since relocated to Manila. We wish them the best of luck in Manila and thanks for loaning us both Edelweiss and Dash which we love to play dearly and we missed them so much.

Sean drew a pizza and named it "Yummy Pizza". There were lots of beautiful artwork present and it was great to see the creativity of the young. The kids and I also helped to cut and paint the name cards out in sizzix - check out the bus name cards. This exhibition is ongoing at the Isetan (2nd floor Gallery) till the 22nd September. Please visit if you have the time. I would like to thank Jane for all her efforts in making this exhibition possible, thanks a million Jane.

Layout - {By the sea}

I was talking to Val yesterday and we both agreed that when we started sb, we didn't have so much sb stuff. So, all we had to do was to be creative with the paper. I agreed with her and I found this old layout which I used very rudimentary photo cropping. Added a poem on the side and cut the letters from Coluzzle.
To those who are wondering - there is no hard and fast rule to scrapbooking. You just have to do what pleases you and after all you are the one who appreciates them. It takes a while to develop your own style and patience is the key.

Layout - Clarissa

Another of those old layouts way back in 2005. Looks very scary yes, when I had no idea what I was doing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Journal - Times Tables {Sean}

I was having some problems with Sean learning the times tables. He came home with a times tables assignment. To encourage him to do the assignment, I offered my autumn leaves stamps with rockets, stars, planets and astronauts as decoration.

This day and age, making the kids do homework is really a work of diplomacy. Can't yell at them or else they will tune out, can't scold them otherwise they dissolve into tears and won't be able to complete the assignment. This I guess is the best way to compromise with them.

Check out the Autumn Leaves stamps on his times table chart. Cute right?

and yes, apologise for the blurry photos but you get the picture.