Monday, December 31, 2007

Journal - We are home and a Happy New Year 2008

We are finally home. Everything is a little messy but we are finally home. Its great to be home but still waiting for my broadband and thus I am stuck with my dialup line till then. Guess there will be less updates from me with even less photos cos it just takes too long to download. Anyway - Happy New Year to all. May the coming year bring you all that you wish for!!! Chowchow out for 2007!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Journal - Undeserving

I am so undeserving of my sb stah. I have so much and yet I do so little. I am quite ashamed of myself I must say. I have made a vow (fingers crossed) that I will make 2 albums and 10 layouts before I allow myself to buy something sb again. Hope I keep this promise....

Journal - Moving Home

I am stressed and I can't sleep. My house is not fully ready plus we have to move back in record time before the 1st Jan which effectively gives me 3 days from today. Sigh... My toilets are not back to normal - the pipes are clogged when I went to wash them. Sigh... The air condition in Clarissa's room does not work - sigh... Lots of wiring still hanging here and there. The kitchen is filthy. Polly's room is in chaos. The flooring is still very dirty from the marble polish. On top of that I haven't started to pack my stuff. Sigh... I am up trying to decide what goes first cos I really have no idea how to plan this. Double Sigh... Someone please help me....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Layout - Celebrate Life

This is a layout for celebrating life for Jun Xi.
Materials used :
MME Bohemia PP, KnCo PP, bling and pearls, Maya Rd Bird, Autumn Leaves Rub-ons.

Sneak Peek - SnC Newsletter

This is a sneak into my DT work with Watch out for the newsletter! I love this layout as it is very meaningful to me. Will explain more once it is up on the newsletter. I must also thanks Jessy for the photo - very precious and the pearl blings too and not forgetting Jane - for the artist box. Without them - this layout will not be here....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Journal - Lazy Day today

Shar and the kids came over today and we had another lazy day at home. We had lots of fun just going through some techniques today. No layout completed at all. But we went through lots of distressing techniques and refreshed our memories on alcohol inks. I have managed to complete a Xmas glass bauble with alcohol inks. I will blog the photo tomorrow cos the lighting is not great at night.
The kids did their usual swim with an exception that the older 2 came up with a dance routine underwater! It was great to watch them dance. The younger 2 was just hamming it up for the camera whilst the youngest just wanted to be left alone with his biscuit by the pool. LOL!!!

I captured a very tender moment between Shar and her youngest and I am hoping that she will do a layout on it cos I really love that photo.

Now - its time to go to bed and snuggle in with Ali's new book. There are a lot of techniques that I want to learn from there. Thanks for the inspirations Ms Edwards!

Altered Art - ATC Cards

ATC - meaning Altered Trading Cards. The crown ones are made by me and the S one is from Shar. I think we did a pretty good job of making ATCs yesterday and most importantly - we enjoyed each pthers company whilst doing so.

My New Toy - ATC Holder

Kat - this is what my ATC holder looks like - its a 7 Gypsies Revolving ATC Holder. I love it! Its looking a little sorry now cos I dont have many ATC cards - but no fear - I will make more and attend more swaps to fill it up! I can's wait! Got my ATC holder from Scrappingville and my personal shopper Shar - brought it over. See no fuss - dont even need to step into the store!!! LOL!!!

The first card that you see is sent to me by Yatie. She is lovely to send me an ATC even though I did not participate in the swap. 2nd card was made by our very own Jessy here in my house. I was nasty and made her finish one in my house before she could leave. Poor Jessy had to crack her head and make one for me! Bless her little heart. Shar made one for me too - will post it next cos I forgot to put it on my holder.

Journal - {Pizza Galore + Crop}

Jessy was scrapping at my place the whole day yesterday. I was very glad for the company to take my mind off my non-completed renovation. Sigh.... Sharon brought the kids over for a playdate in the afternoon. After a swim, the kids played Headbandz - a charade game. Thereafter they had some pizza. Jessy was also visiting and the 3 of us had fun just scrapping away. I am so going to invite Jessy over more often. Look at the photos that she took of the kids eating pizza - arent they great???
Life is good and I feel so blessed all the time now. We had FUN scrapping + a GREAT time + GREAT friends - nothing else is missing - Yes?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Journal - Xmas Shots 2007

We had Jessy and Eric over the yesterday. We did another series of shots and here is another
sneak peek. Yes, I do love the both of them. They both make my life so easy and lots of things to scrap with the photos that they take.

Digi-Layout - C n S Xmas 2007

I feel so blessed this year. I have friends that made such very nice stuff for me - Shar with her box and her kiddoes with the owl ornaments. Plus Jessy sent me a surprise - a digi layout of the kids! Now that is really the icing on the cake - Dont you think? My first ever digital layout! I am really too blessed. Thanks very much Jessy - I now have a new category in my blog - digi layouts! Thats a first!

Journal - Its Presents Time

Its Presents Time!!!! My kiddoes were up really early today and scrambled to take their shower and brush their teeth. Funny how they never get ready this quickly during normal days. They were all so excited and ready to rip of the wrappings of their presents. Check them out - they are all gloating with their pressies. Look at the mess they have created with the wrapping papers... Hey kids - come and take care of your aftermath...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Altered Art - Owl Ornaments

I apologise for the poor quality of the pics. I have just taken them in not so nice lighting but I need to blog this.
These very very cute OWL ornaments are made by Shar's kids. They are 8,4 and 1 respectively - aren't they precious??? My love for owls have not gone un-noticed yes? Thanks Nadia, Dira and Ariff - they are just too cute and precious!!! Auntie will definitely treasure them.

Altered Art - Xmas Exploding Box

This is an exploding box that my friend Shar made for me for Xmas. This is the best gift ever. I love all my handmade gifts! Thanks Shar - I am so touched! It has lots of little messages for me and I love each and everyone of me. Shar said something very real - I can't find a photo of you...LOL!!! Yup, the Chow chow is quite camera shy due to personal reasons. Shar in one of the few who has 1 photo of me....

Journal - My Xmas Tree

This is my Xmas tree this year. I am proud to announce that everything hanging on the tree handmade by moi or my kids. Thought it was special to have everything handmade. Oops, I nearly lied - the angel on top of the tree is store bought. Plus I found these cute little white birds that are sitting merrily on my branches. I found some Santa hats that say "I have been bad" and "I have been good" and "Merry Xmas". They are so cute!
I 'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas this year on behalf of the Ku household.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Journal - Sasha's First Win

I have been meaning to blog this - but I keep forgetting. My good friend Mayling's daughter Sasha is one talented skater. Sasha has just recently won her first ice sketing competition. Way to Go Sash!!! I can hardly believe it. She is tall and so swanlike in her skating. I have known this little gal when she was nearly two. She practically grew up in front of our eyes. Where did the years go??? Sasha and Clarissa are the best of friends and I certainly hope they will remain so even though one is in Malaysia and the other in Canada.