Friday, August 31, 2007

Mini Album - Scott's Dorset Vacation

Janine, my good friend in London must be credited with always prompt and diligently updating me with her happenings. She puts me to shame as she never forgets my kids' birthdays and there will always be a present early and in time for my kids' birthdays, unlike moi.

She has recently sent me some photos of her very recent vacation to Dorset. I have chosen to make her a ring album of the vacation and I am happy that it has turned out quite well. For most of the layouts, I employed a simple technique of stamping for embellishment.

Materials used : Bazzill Paper, American Crafts - Travel paper, Hampton and Technique Tuesday Stamps and Sizzix lettering.

Mini album - Callum's 7th Bday

I feel very guilty because I forgot Callum's birthday this year. Callum- if you are reading this - Auntie Michelle is very sorry. However, to make it up to you, I have made an accordion album of your 7th soccer birthday. Hope you like it.

Materials used:

Momoyo - Soccer Epoxy Sticker, American Crafts Vellum Birthday Sayings, Chatterbox Papers and Brendan Walton Chipboard Sayings.

I first made the accordion album. Then added the pages. Thereafter it was page after page of sticking the photo on and then the coordinating stickers. I am rushing to send this in the mail so that they will receive it soon. Hence, wishing you a very belated birthday from the Ku clan. Love, Clarissa, Sean, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Ku.

Ooh, before I end this post, must say that Paul, Callum's dad was the one who made the birthday cake. I must say that I am suitably impressed! Well Done Paul! The cake looks amazing!!! Does that mean that we should nominate you as the official birthday cake designer now??? ;-)

Journals - Impossible Xmas Lists

I have just asked the kids for their Xmas wishlists today and they both came up with impossible wishlists. Just look at the items they requested -

1) Laptops

2) Digital Cameras - Yes, the DSLR kind (mummy just bought 1, so I need one too)

3) I-pods (hmmm, under consideration)

4) New phones (snicker - yeah right - like that will happen)

Anyway, will wait for the moment to pass and will ask again and ask them to be reasonable. Sigh.. as if they know the meaning of that word, LOL!

I am leaning more towards a WII Nintendo, mummy is looking forward to a workout with it. Heard that the games on it makes one run around and you really do sweat whilst playing it. Perhaps I can convince the 2 monsters. Later....

Journal - Happy Birthday Malaysia

Today is the Malaysian National Day. This will mark our 50th birthday since our independence. Happy Birthday Malaysia. We certainly pray for better things to come. May all of us be constantly reminded that all of us are Malaysians and we will live in harmony.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Altered Can - Scrappingville

Sharon passed me a watering can the other day. That got me thinking on how to alter the can for her shop. I wanted the words to reflect on Scrappingville and I have decided to do 2 different things on the 2 sides of the watering can.

On one side, I decided to use the title "Creativity blooms and grows at Scrappingville". This will be my tribute to Scrappingville. I have also decided to adapt a recipe towards a "Recipe for a Great Layout" on the other side. Very satisfied with the results from this alter. Hope Sharon likes it!

Journal - Batik Painting Cushion

We had a nice surprise today. Grace has sewn one of Clarissa's batik painting into a cushion. It looked great! Thanks very much Grace! The kids went for batik painting last week and they all did their own painting. Finally, Grace turned their treasured work of art into something functional. That is really resourceful and clever.

Journal - Me Watch Movie

I finally did it! I brought the kids to a movie all by myself. Those who know me would probably know that I hardly go to the movies. I guess I always associated malaysian movie theaters as dirty, people speaking loudly on the phones, smoking - not a very pleasant experience.

We were passing through KLCC yesterday when we saw the Ratatouille movie poster. I just decided to buy to buy the tickets and we went in. Surprisingly, it was very pleasant. We were able to watch the whole movie sans interuption and it was a really funny movie. Sean laughed out the loudest through it all. Hence, I stand corrected - it will be more movies for us soon.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Journal - Sean - MRI

Sean went for a MRI today. He has been plagued with headaches lately and we have decided to do the MRI. To prepare him for the MRI, I made him watch House and convinced him that it was really cool to do a MRI.

I accompanied Sean into the room and he was really happy getting strapped into the machine, etc. It was really noisy when the imaging started and carried on for 30 mins. I was really surprised that he could hold still for the required half an hour. In reality, he was asleep when we got him out of the machine.

The good news is that there are no lesions on the head. However, the imaging showed some sinusitis and he has to consult with the ENT tomorrow. We will know then what is the next course of action. I have been advised that if he does not respond to medication, the surgeon may have to do a puncture and drain out the fluid. Hope we don't have to do that.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Accordion Decor - How Yee

This is accordion no 2 that I did. Very pleased with the results. For those interested in classes in making this accordion decor, please visit Scrappingville using the button above to check for class listing.

This will be the last of work that I will do for Momoyo pending my renovation. I will be busy packing and will have less time for scrapping.

Materials used : Bohemia Paper, Sizzix doodle alphabets, Acrylic dabbers in willow and brown, plaid 3d lacquer, some buttons, some blue and brown ribbons and paper clay embellishments that I made with the kids.

Cards - Momoyo

Momoyo has launched a new set of epoxy saying stickers that is acid-free. I must admit that making cards is one of the least favourite things to do for me. However, this is my little attempt and I hope that I did the stickers some justice.

I just used some of my scrap paper from the Basic grey collection, Bohemia and Cosmo Cricket series. I have also machine-stitched some of the cards and added paper clay embellishments on them. I have also used a lace trim, some rick-rac and a flower trim on 3 of the cards.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Accordion Decor - How Zheng

This accordion decor class is being taught at Scrappingville now. For details on workshop, please press the Scrappingville link.

I have used the Bohemia range of papers here. My embellishments are very simple. Just some chipboard letters which I cut using Sizzix, painted it with the acrylic dabbers available in Scrappingville, put a coat of glitter on it and finished it with a coat of lacquer.

I added a few small paper clay embellishments which I made with the kids 2 weeks ago. Put the whole thing together with a ribbon.

Layout - Cowboy

This picture was taken in the Subiaco market in nov 2004 when Sean was 4 years old. He was just discharged from the hospital a week ago and it was great for him to be in Perth with the cool weather and fresh air.

Sean was in his Toy Story phase. Loved both Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I have used the Coluzzle to do my main title. Then drew the background freehand (i.e. the cactus and mountains) and cut with a scissors. Must say that I was quite pleased with the effect. I have also added a few other Jolie's Boutique embellishments to enhance the whole layout.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Layout - Irresistable Ian

Ian - Beth's son is by far one of the most photogenic boy I have seen. He is very cute and when I stumbled upon this "recipe", I knew I had to use it to journal Ian. Here it goes:



Yield : 1

1 Part Devlish Grin

Dash orneriness

2 Parts Rambunctiousness

4 small Puppy Tails

1 Large Helping of a Loving Heart

A pinch of Sweetness

Stir all ingredients together, bake at 99 degrees for about 9 months.

Can mold into any number of things. Cannot kept contained.

Will change and mellow with age, maybe.

I just used bazzill yellow and black cardstock. My only embellishment was my trusty old DYMO machine. I just used it for labels across the layout and punched out words like : When good looks meet big trouble Guaranteed Charm, Boys will be Boys, Genuine Boy and Boy oh Boy. I did this layout in 2005. This layout maybe scraplifted if I am not wrong.

Layout - Hui Lin and Hui Wen {sisters}

I was determined to stay away from store-bought embellishments in this layout. Hence, I found a coordinating ribbon at a local haberdashery and I decided to make lots of little beaded butterflies to complement the the flowery ribbon and in coordinating colours.

The title was cut using templates from Coluzzle and I added the stuck on coordinating beads as I thought that the title was a tad flat. I printed a sister's poem which I found over the Internet on vellum paper and secured it with brads.
Lastly I altered the photo to black and white and selected a faded background. This layout gave me a sense of accomplishment as I did not have much store-bought merchandise.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wall Hanging - Sean {Our Little Swimmer - A Preview

This is a design for Scrappingville. They have provided me with some mosaics. I thought that the mosaics will look good for a swimming theme. I have created some waves using monochromatic green bazzill paper. I have also machine-stitched some stitches to create the illusion of ripples in the water.

Lastly, I used some chipboard and my sizzix to create the title. I have used the Brilliance Ink to ink the letters rendering a dark green to match the tiles.

Scrap Layout - Clarissa {Beautiful}

Clarissa came home from school one day in tears. Her schoolmates have teased her and called her ugly. I didn't want her to have such a shallow perception on being beautiful and I decided to scrap this page to make her feel better.

The words are simple and not from me. I saw it somewhere and found that it was very suitable here. The wordings in this layout goes:

If you smile often

If you seek to be kind

If you are always thankful

Then you will always be beautiful.

That is one of the main reason that I scrap. I really want to leave my mark and lessons to my kids. I know it sounds ambitious but to me nothing is more powerful than the written word. I hope that in time, they will read and these journals do become something for them to hold on to, especially when I am not around.

Scrap Layout - Sean - No Limits

  1. This is undoubtedly one of my favourite picture of Sean. I have decided to scrap simple as I really wanted the focal point to be the photo. He has his eyes closed and hence, I decided to add this quote in the layout:

    Within your reach
    Lies evey path
    You ever dream of taking

    Within yourself
    Lies everything
    You dream of being

    but the sky.

    Written by anonymous.

    I printed the quote using vellum paper and hence, I had to stitch the vellum paper onto the page. The last part of the quote was adhered using brads.

    May, 2005

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Journal - Zoo Visit

We had a busy morning again today. It was off to the zoo with Sharon and Joanna with all the kiddoes. Kids were very well behaved and enjoyed the trip very much. Both Ariff and Zachary walked a lot - well done Ariff and Zac!

Lunch was at the restaurant inside and we played music on the jukebox which we enjoyed.

Sean had a good time just wrapping the snake around his neck for pictures. The zoo keeper was kind enough to let me have a go and the python was heavy and he really felt cool and not slimy at all!

Nadia stayed over and played with the kids. They had a great time at the pool. They pretended that Sean was the dolphin and Nadia and Clarissa were to whistle if they wanted him to swim over to them. Then he changed into a Merman. They then proceeded to have flowers in their hair, including Sean. That was hilarious. Stupid old me - didn't take the camera to snap the picture. Anyway, this was one of the most relaxing days of the holidays and the kids had a great time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Box Scrap - Exploding Box - Clarissa

This is an exploding box of daily reminders that I made for Clarissa. It is essentially a box with a cover and several layers of paper stuck together to form the base of the box. I have stuck 4 pictures on the box as seen in the pictures and used the layers to journal her reminders in different sections. Lastly, I have sewn purple beads onto 2 layers of big blooms to adorn the lid of the box.

Materials used : Cosmo Cricket paper (available from Heidi Swapp flower, some white flower trims and brads completes the whole look.

Journal - Lunch at Bijou

We had our lunch at Bijou in Mont Kiara today. Bijou is the brainchild of Debbie Lee who also owns Fit for 2 in Bangsar. Kids had a great time at the restaurant as it is really a very kids-friendly place - complete with kids playground and colouring pencils.

They have an extensive kids menu and I definitely recommend the fish fingers and fries for the kids. Sean had the vanilla cupcake which was really yummy. Hence, will definitely recommend this restaurant to mummies and daddies who want to eat in peace.

Journal - Batik Painting

Took the kids batik painting today. They had a great time and they both painted 2 each. Sean chose to paint 2 Pokemon characters and Clarissa did a batik circle design and a cat. My good friend Grace offered to sew the design into a pillow. Thanks Grace, we are looking forward to seeing that, very original.

For those who are interestedin batik painting, it is available at the Craft Centre at Jln Conlay in Kuala Lumpur. They charge a nominal fee for a cotton piece (RM15) and silk piece (RM20). All you have to do would be to trace the your own chosen picture in pencil and they will wax it for you. Thereafter, you paint the piece and voila - you have your very own piece of batik art! It is that easy. It is a great activity for the kids and the compound at the Craft Complex is large enough for them to roam around if they get bored.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Journal - Nadia has a big butt? NOT!!!!

I am so embarrased. Sean really has a mouth on him. He actually called Nadia, Sharon's daughter a big butt. When I heard about it, I made him apologise. Sorry, Nadia, you DO NOT have a big butt. Sean was being mean. Sigh... When is this boy going to have some manners??? maybe never.....

Journal - Kiddie Day

It has been quite a day. Firstly, we had a little drama at 8.45a.m. when I sent Clarissa to her piano exam. Sean suddenly remembered that Clarissa did not have her glasses with her. After 2 frantic calls, 1 to the driver to drive like a madman and the 2nd to my trusty domestic engineer to wait for him with her glasses. Phew, we made it in the nick of time. Bless those 2 for helping.

Then it was another mad dash for me to get home, shower, etc and send my father-in-law to the hospital. The doctor was late and we finally finished the appointment at around 11.30a.m. It was picking up the kids and another mad dash to KLCC to meet up with Sharon and co for lunch and Aquaria.

On the way, I had Omar and Sabrina joining us. It is great to see that even though they are not in the same school, both get along with my kids like the best of friends. Nearly every photo that I took of Omar and Sean - they have their arms around each other.

The girls walked hand-in-hand - the 3 of them (Sabrina, Clarissa and Nadia) - very heart warming and I am so glad they get along really well. They don't see each other often but they get along well.

Was glad when we got to Aquaria, the kids oohhh and aaahhhed over the fishes and enjoyed the touch pool tremendously. Note to the people at Aquaria - Please man your touch pool. Otherwise, put up the signs on rules and regulations of the touch pool. It was a shame that I noticed a few starfish was being mishandled and some were lying upside down, possibly dead??? I had to tell a number of people not to remove the starfish from the touch pool or otherwise they will die. Perhaps, there should be an improvement in this matter. Thanks.

We adopted 2 turtles today. The donation will help fund teh following reseach programs;

1) tagging and monitoring of turtles and terrapins using microchip
2) efforts of monitoring turtle landings
3) efforts of monitoring turtle death
4) efforts of monitoring the sex ratio of hatchings at hatcheries

It only RM150 per turtle adoption. Kids get a certificate, a specially minted turtle coin and a t-shirt. For those of you reading - it is a worthy cause as figures show that the sea turtles will be extinct in 10 years. Come on everyone, if we pitch in, we may be able to reverse or at least delay this for our future generations. Remember "Crush" from Nemo, we are fighting to save Crush, folks.

Clarissa named her turtle Zoe which was tagged no 07156458088880000049 - and Sean's turtle is tagged no 0752458088880000051 and named Zack. Hope these 2 little beauties will survive the odds and lead a long and fruitful live. That is our good deed to the environment this year.

When we finally said our goodbyes at 3.20p.m, kids were reluctant to part...Aww..... Never mind, there will be another play date. I sneaked in a nap as I was really tired. After dinner I took father-in-law for a walk at KLCC as his blood pressure was 160 - very high. Sigh... Praying hard nothing happens. Anyway, I would have to get the kids for bed. one last post and I am done!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Paper Bags Deco

These are some paper bags that I have designed for the store. I have utilised some scrap paper that I have lying around and the words using the Technique Tuesday Stamps. These stamps are available from scrap-n-crop and I have been using them for both scrapbooking and cards. I would highly recommend these stamps as they are easy to use and very versatile. In addition, this is a great way to utilise your paper scraps and I am sure that receipients will be pleased with such a personalised bag.

Journal - Busy Weekend

Phew! It has been a busy weekend. Just came back from outstation yesterday, was quite tired from the drive. Had the in-laws today, namely my father-in-law who is here for his 2 month checkup. We had dinner with hubby's niece and fiance - Congrats Hui Xian and Colin. She brought the kids presents and Sean devoured his Ferrari with absolute delight and Clarissa loved her bag, purse and watch. These kids behave like they never ever received presents before!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Journal - Words of Wisdom - Sean

The sidewalks around my house has been repaved and tiles have been installed. We do appreciate the upgrading effort but it has been barely 2 weeks after installation, the tiles has been ripped off from the cement bed and cracked into pieces. My 7 year old and I observed this and Sean immediately said,"Why did they do that? What a waste of money." Yes, I agree wholeheartedly when I sidewalk in a suburb is fine with just plain cement. Wish that they spent more money on planting more trees than tiles and less chopping off trees. That would be great for the environment and probably cheaper too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mini album - Love You

Headed down to Scrappingville yesterday and I bought the latest Maya Road heart-shaped chipboard album. Although eager to finish the album, I was busy today and hence I was only able to finish scrapping the covers.

I have used white trimmings which I glued on with the hot glue gun. Paper from the Basic grey series (The Blush Collection), coupled with some KI love ribbons which I picked up from the internet. Initially, I thought of using smaller photos but then I loved the bigger 4R photos which seems to pop up from the pages.

The first photo is the front cover of the photo, second being the inside covers and the last the back cover.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Journal - Sean - Big butt

A couple of months ago, I put on quite some weight. I was lying on my bed in my shorts when Sean came in to join me for a cuddle. He took a hard look at my butt and asked me quite innocently, "Mummy, why do you have 2 butts? It is really big."

That look of horror on his face was enough for me and I immediately started walking in KLCC again. I haven't lost much weight but at least now I feel that i have done something about it.

Journal - Sean's Marriage???

Yes, Sometimes Sean can be a little bit of a mama's boy. He can say the sweetest thing. We were teasing him about his many girlfriends through his years and a couple did come up that he really fancied. The first one would be Patricia. She was the sweetest and cutest girl from the Children's House but we lost touch when she moved unexpectedly.

He was also quite fond of Katelyn. Katelyn was one of them that was very exuberant and had lots of energy. Sean really liked Katelyn and always have thought that he wanted Lysha, Katelyn's mom to be his mom. Of course we all know that Lysha is this sweet thing and Me - the ugly screaming witch!

Of late, he seems of be leaning towards Wen Li as he has tuition together with her. Wen Li is very clever and is the class monitress.

However, when we asked him in a joking manner of course, who would he like to marry. He would always inadvertantly choose either mummy or his sister. That is one of the highest compliment one can have. Wonder how long this phase is going to last......

Journal - Nintendo DS

Yukie asked Clarissa today on how many times she gets to play the DS in a day. Clarissa answered half an hour. Well, that was a half truth actually. I only allow them to play their DS during the weekend which is sat and sun. Most of the time for half an hour only. However, DS privileges are revoked at my whims and fancies e.g. I will use it to my advantage to ban them from playing. If I catch them not doing their homework, no DS automatically without saying.

Other excuses will range from not tidying up, fighting and etc would warrant a DS ban of 2 weeks. Hence, I am really ok with them playing the DS as most of the time, it is banned!!! LOL

Mirror Scrap - Natsumi

This is a new first for me and hence, I did muck it up a little. I decided to use the mirror as my next scrapping medium. Sabby was watching me as I lined up the stamps, rubons and chipboard for the mirror. Originally, I had intended to give the mirror to Sabby but seeing that she liked it so much, I made it for her in her Japanese name - Natsumi.

I used rubons, her name in Icicles, and stamped with Stazon Ink. I used word like the following:

1) Princess

2) She is not just a pretty face

3) Smile

4) Laugh

5) Giggle
6) Love You
I added a stamped butterfly, some swirls, some rubon flowers and a crochet flower to make it girly. I apologise for the quality of the photo but it is difficult to take a photo of a mirror. Suggestions, Anyone?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal - Drama King

Sean was being a drama queen at dinner just now. He insisted that he saw the clock in the car as 6.65a.m. We were trying to explain to him there was only 60 mins in an hour when he burst into tears. Sigh... What a drama king.

Canvas Scrap - Sean - Puzzled

I think I am quite hooked on this canvas art. I love how the finished product looks so professional and I am going to put it all over my house rather than buy paintings.

When I saw this picture, I knew I had to scrap it as Puzzled. I bought my puzzle puncher from the Gold Coast and I knew that it will be perfect for this Canvas Scrap. I just used my remnant paper from the Basic Grey Grandpa's Attic series and just punched 20 pieces of puzzles. Painted my canvas black and stuck the photos and puzzles on.

Thereafter I used a silver marker to journal around the canvas. I made an error but hey, no one is perfect. I do love this very much and I will definitely try to fill my house with more of my canvas scrap.

Journal - Art Work by Clarissa and Sean

My kids have been taking art for over a year now under the tutelage of Ms Jane Yap. Clarissa enjoys the class most immensely and displayed the most passion for art. They have started to paint on canvas this year and I must say that the results are astonishing.

I have selected 2 of my favourite pieces from the 2. The rose was pianted by Clarissa for me as a mother's day present. The photo may not show it well but it's a rose with a gold swirly background. Don't you think it's precious? I think that it is one of her best work.

Sean has a playmobil fire truck which he has depicted in his painting. This painting to me is like him - in need of action all the time from the fire and his love for machinery - the fire engine.

I am very proud of them both and and thankful for Ms Yap who has lead them so well. I know that they are no picassos but they are both budding artists to me.

Journal - Clarissa - Homework Fiasco

Sigh... what is it with homework and the kids? If these two doesn't mix, why can't we do away with homework then? Life would be so much easier. The school system in this country is so homework - predominant if I must say so. More often than not, I am constantly fighting with the kids over homework.

Clarissa has developed a way of skipping homework all the time. I dread to go to her school as when I do, I get teachers surrounding me just to inform me of the homework situation. Clarissa has deviced lots of ingenious ways to skip homework over the years:

1) The most common - I lost my book
2) My brother lost my book
3) Tear out the relevant homework pages and pretend nothings happened
4) Buying a new exercise book and pretending that she has used up all the pages in the old one.
5) I don't know how to do the homework and crying non-stop.

With such aversion to homework, shall we do away with it once and for all???

Journal - Sean - the Homework Fiasco

Last night we had a homework fiasco with Sean. His Malay Language teacher has given him around 10 pages of written homework. For those who think that this is too much, this teacher has even given more - 19 pages would be her record. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for the kids to complete the homework.

I was cajoling and practically begging him to finish it as chinese school teachers do not spare any mercy when you do not complete your homework. It would normally be a stroke of the cane when this happens.

He obediently went into the room to do it but walked out soon after 10 mins. The cheeky little monkey had finish only the back pages and showed the completed back pages to me. I checked and told him to finish the rest. He went in again and was out within another 10 mins. This time, he tore out all the pages of the incomplete homework!

I was livid and spanked him on his bottom and this time he finally completed the homework. Sigh... Luckily, we live in malaysia, anywhere else, it will be child abuse.

Journal - Funny things Sean said - embassy

My friend Sharon has made an album of some funny things that her daughter has said. I personally think that its a novel idea. Better start documenting mine too before I forget about it.

Sean came home one monday and said "I really don't like this embassy. It is really boring. I don't even know what they are saying." For those who may not know, Sean is currently attending a Chinese school and he does not understand mandarin well. Hence, he is often in a daze what is happening in school.

I didn't answer him at first but then as he rambled on, I began to question what "embassy"? He answered,"Mummy, you know, the embassy that we have every monday?" My dear boy - it is ASSEMBLY!!! We had a good laugh after that but not before he cried when we started laughing at him.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Journal - Paper Clay

Kids were very bored last night. After yelling at them for the upteenth time "no watching tv", I decided to rope them in helping me make paper clay buttons for scrapbooking. I have a batch of tiny cookie cutters from my mother-in-law and the small size was perfect for the buttons.

Off into the night, we rolled and cut. The result was lots different shaped buttons. I really hope that they turn out complementing well with my scrapbook.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Altered Frame - Sean - a little bit ugly

I nearly laughed out loud when Sean saw this frame. He said - "mummy, this is very nice but my photo is a little bit ugly." I don't know about it being ugly but I love this photo of you Sean. It really has captured your personality - a pinch of mischievious, a touch of cheekiness and very very cute in spite of missing 3 front teeth.

Materials used in this project : Basic Grey's Grandpa's Kitchen paper, Ikea frame, Making Memories Chipboard Letters, Ranger Acrylic Dabber and some buttons and blue ric rac.

Altered Frame - How Zheng

Don't you just love IKEA? Well, I certainly do. Just finished altering 2 IKEA frames. This frame is for How Zheng, Saw Lan's son. I used the Basic grey's Grandpa's kitchen papers for both the background and foreground. Cut some paisleys from the same paper series as embellishment at the bottom of the photo. A quick coat of acrylic paint on the frame, glued some buttons and added a glitter letter "Z" chipboard that Saw Lan has given me gavew theframe a whole new look- don't you think?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Altered Wooden Box - A Preview

I bought some Prima flowers yesterday from Valerie and they came in a box. Thought it would be fun to try and alter the box and use the Prima velvet flower that came in it to adorn it. I decided to use the colour theme of pinks and browns. Hence, painted the box pink and use brown ric-racs to decorate the box.

I will make an accordion album for the inside of the box and the cover of the velvet brown Prima flower will be on the cover of the album. To add interest to the box, I added some scrolls chipboard from the Fancy Pants Designs. Painted it in brown to match the colour scheme, and stuck it onto the window of the box to create a floating effect.

I have yet to scrap the album inside but this is as I said just a preview.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Altered Tin - Tools

I went to visit my friend, Valerie today. Incidentally Valerie is the owner of website. Valerie is one of the few Malaysians who are dealing in scrapbooking products. She has very kindly invited me to be on her design team which I gladly accepted.

As I was leaving, I spotted an altered tin that Val made with one of her kid's milk tin. Hence, I asked her for one for my first assignment. I was brimming with ideas as I left her place. Darn, I should have taken more than 1 tin.

As I was eager and excited - couldn't wait to start - I decided on a simple design. Firstly, I use paper from the latest Basic Grey Collection - Infuse. Then I made chipboard handles and punched holes with my trusty Crop-a-Dile. Then I laced matching leather strips together at both sides of the tin. I decided to employ this method as the circumference of the tin was more than 12 inches. The beauty of this technique is that the whole tin is being held together by the lacing on both sides!

I have decided to use the tin to store my scissors, rulers, etc for scrapbooking and thus named it "tools". I dabbed the letters with The Ranger Adirondack Acrylic Dabbers Range - Red Pepper Colour and a coating of the 3d lacquer completed my whole tin. I had a huge smile when I completed this - most satisfying design. Recycling an old milk tin is really good for the soul and of course - the environment!