Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Journal - Bad Blogger

Both kiddoes climbing together.

Sabby reaching the top after an arduous climb. Well done Sabby!!!

I am very afraid of heights. Look at how high this wall it is but all the kids managed to scale up this high. Woohoo!!! Well done kids!

Sean looking down on me from the kids' rock. Nice shot of his butt!!! LOL!!!

Its been a week since I last updated my blog. Its been hectic around here. Lots of visitors from Spore and Japan. My fellow Singaporean scrappers came for a scrapbooking retreat last thurs and we had a blast just hanging out and me watching them crop.

Yukie - my long time friend also visited us from Tokyo and Clarissa was thrilled to have Sabby in the house. One of their favouraite activities when Sanny is in town is rock-climbing. The kids love to scale and climb at Camp-5 at One-U. They did just that and had a blast. It was great to see the kids having so much fun together and both kids miss Sabby already.

We left for the land of Smiles (Thailand) last friday and just got back yesterday. Will try to upload some pictures here of our trip in the next post but would do more in the travel blog.


teacher jessy said...

I wanna climb rocks too!!! Better not, the rocks will fall off.. haha! Nice shots!

chowchow said...

well for me - I better not climb too. I might fall and squash someone to death!!!

mommy vivs said...

phuket holiday? WOW! i soo wanna goo.. seems fun! no wonder uve gone missing in the snc forum. hehe

chowchow said...

Yup vivs - just a short holiday for the family. Phuket was gd...