Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Iz - On the way to recovery

Looking at the poodle
somehow misses it, double backs and 
Yippee!!! Grabbing the poodle

Iz is on the road to recovery.  Pardon the blurred photos but I was happy to share them as Iz is showing signs of being a happier dog. Grateful for the change and happy that she is better.


Liza said...

Glad Izzie is recovering! She looks like she is having fun now!

Sal said...

Im sooooo happy for u & family. A big shout-out to Izzie for being a fighter & survived the ordeals she went through....such a cutie, too!!

Chowchow said...

Thanks LIza and Sal

Wati Basri said...

ooohhh....look at Izzie!! She is such a cutie and thank GOD she is doin better now!