Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids Cooking Class at Kampachi, Pavillion

All eyes and ears on the chef at the start of the class.

Clarissa with her kyuri maki.  Its her fave sushi since young.

Chef helping Sean cut his sushi.

Sean rolling his california roll.

Clarissa decorating her futomaki.

Sean's Futomaki and Kyuri Maki.

Clarissa's Futomaki and Kyuri Maki.

The Bento dinner - such cute containers.

Sam and Clarissa enjoying their dinner.

Sean started recently being camera shy.

The kids went for a cooking class at Kampachi.  They had great fun making sushi, handling a real knife,  decorating futomaki etc.  It was a nice group and great to see that they were having loads of fun afterwards too.


Liza said...

Wow I'm sure the kids had soo much fun!!!!

teacher jessy said...

Clarissa & Sean, the next time Aunty Jessy comes pls make some for me ok? Me love sushi too... *hint hint*

Chowchow said...

Thanks Liza.

LOL Jessy!