Friday, October 24, 2008

Wizard of Oz - School Play

Sean and co with the Good Witch,  Glenda.

Walking with Dorothy and bumping into the Lion.

Dorothy and Toto meeting the Scarecrow.

Singing - "Over the Rainbow."

Hamming it up with his friends after the play.

Kieran and Sean - the 2 jokers!

More silly faces.

And keep those silly faces coming!!!

Jumping up in the air.

Wizard of the Oz,  Tin Man and Dorothy.

Ms Sam with Tin Man.

My Little Cutie Tin Man.

Sean was selected to the be the Tin Man in the school play.  A quick visit to the tailor with with some silver material - the suit was done.  When it came back - the suit was actually too small.  Hence - I decided to piece together a vest to cover the catastrophe.  Luckily it all worked out.

Sean looked pretty cute but he complained so much about the itchy silver material.  Plus to put silver face paint on him - I am telling you that this boy is quite wicked.  Plus I had to add more makeup like the eyebrows,  eye liner and lipstick - he was scandalised.  But I managed to pull rank and forced him.  I think he looked pretty good in the end.


naddy said...

cute nyaa tin man! u did it!

Serene Ho said...

Great job done on the costume Mich! And Sean does look really handsome in the suit {must have been difficult to see without his glasses! LOL!}. He seems to have enjoyed himself. Lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Awww he looks so cute and the costume is AWESOME!!! Love what you did to his face!!! And that vest you pieced is AWESOME!!!

teacher jessy said...

Oh mine!! Sean is so cute with the outfit!! Great job Sean... & mummy too :)

Chowchow said...

Thanks ladies....

Sal said...

Mich....I love the costume!! You're very resourceful. Sean look absolutely fabulous in it....congrats on job well done, Prince!

Chowchow said...

Thanks Sal - the teacher gave him the best costume award when they went back to the class. That is worth 5 merits! Cool huh?