Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Journal - Back to school

Kids finally went back to school yesterday... Phew... Now I have more time to potter around the house and also nap! Yes - I sometimes need to nap as I get up really early around 6a.m. By afternoon - I sometimes do need a 15 min cat nap.

What did we do during the school holidays? Well on the creative side, the kids made xmas ornaments, canvas paintings and most recently - batik paintings. On the physical side, kids swam a lot with their pals and did wushu ( chinese martial arts classes). The Wushu teacher - Ho Ro Bin is the representative of the Malaysian junior team to competitions. He has since retired but he is such a lovely chap and very very discipline. I am hoping that this discipline will rub off on my kids. He has suggested that the kids take part in a beginner's wushu examination and Sean is extremely keen. Hence, we may have to enrol him for the examination. I think Sean is more enthralled by the chinese costume that he is wearing than the actual exam itself!!! LOL!!!

Anyway - will be off for a couple of days to Singapore. Will blog when I get back.

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