Saturday, May 10, 2008

Journal - 8 fun facts about Sean on his birthday

I saw this journalling at this site  She actually journalled 10 fun facts on her son on his 10th birthday.  I have decided to do so too with Sean's 8th Birthday with 8 fun facts and 8 photos of the year.

1.  You love the camera and the poses that you strike for the camera is definitely  too fun and precious.  

2. You love to read.  Hope you never stop reading.  Mummy doesn't mind you even just reading comics like Beano etc, I just want you to read. This trait - you are really like mummy.

3.  You are lazy to shower.  I wonder why you hate showering.  It was not too long ago that you loved showering and would soap up the whole bathroom floor.  But lately - you have started this not showering thing unless prompted. Hmmm,  I wonder why.

4.  You are such a slob when eating.  You take a VERY long time to finish eating too!!! That frustrates me during every mealtime.

5.  You love Izzie so much,  I know but I wonder if Izzie is reciprocal on that cos you always squeeze her too hard and make her lie next to you.

6.  You love anything computer games too much. You actually would try to do anything to get on the computer,  DS or Wii just to play some games... Sigh....

7.  You are a very sweet child.  You would always acknowledge other ppl's efforts and I always get a thank you and a hug if I get something for you.

8.  You are also an adventurous child. I find that if I psyched you enough.  You are willing to try anything once.  I love your sense of adventure.



teacher jessy said...

Awww.... Those are such sweet facts bout Sean! Mummy always remember little details bout their child! You're surely one of them! Happy Mother's Day!

chowchow said...

Thanks Jessy... Was trying to recll everythig but obviously can't fit everything into 8 facts.