Thursday, December 27, 2007

Journal - {Pizza Galore + Crop}

Jessy was scrapping at my place the whole day yesterday. I was very glad for the company to take my mind off my non-completed renovation. Sigh.... Sharon brought the kids over for a playdate in the afternoon. After a swim, the kids played Headbandz - a charade game. Thereafter they had some pizza. Jessy was also visiting and the 3 of us had fun just scrapping away. I am so going to invite Jessy over more often. Look at the photos that she took of the kids eating pizza - arent they great???
Life is good and I feel so blessed all the time now. We had FUN scrapping + a GREAT time + GREAT friends - nothing else is missing - Yes?


teacher jessy said...

The pics look great! I had so much fun with you and Shar! Will visit you more often ok :) Just love hanging with you all. I feel the LOVE! LOL

LaY hOoN said...

yum ... yum's so delicious