Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journal -Paranoid??

I am really totally knackered.  I have been on adrenaline for some time.  I have not returned to my usual lazy self at all.  For an inkling of how I normally operate - just picture GARFIELD.  Yup - thats me!

I have been quite tired and I have also been snapping at people.  A friend called me paranoid with my daughter - I couldn't control myself and I snapped back publicly at her.  That is not my normal self but I think tiredness came into play and some other reasons too.  I kept wondering if I really come across like a paranoid parent?

Like the charity concert that the kids are performing at - of course I nag them everyday to practise their piano.  Would that be considered PARANOID?  I do not think so.  I have faith in the teacher and when it comes to ability - I most often let the teacher decide. Of course I do test out my kids to see if they can do it themselves and most often - they prove to me that they can do better than I have expected them to do. A simple caption - like - Sean Ku Airlines - Delighting you always - puts a smile on my face. No doubt it was copied from Canon but he is only 8 years old and to put 2 and 2 together - I am happy.

The concert is looming and I am still writing the script.  We had the rehearsal today.  I was quite amazed to see that there were not many parents nor kids attending the rehearsal.  PErhaps I am kiasu but I thought that it would be better for the kids to just re-familairise themselves to the surroundings since it has been 2 years since our last charity concert in a hotel.  Perhaps I am wrong thus paranoid.

I am not the type of parent who will let my kids fail.  Its not that I want them to excel but I see no reason for a child to fail if they have tried.  The worst thing is to do their handwriting,  colouring etc for them to save the hassle of telling them to do it.  Perhaps my reluctance to do that does stresses me which eventually I do share to my friends and thus allowing them to brand me paranoid.

Well,  I am coping and doing my best.  All I want is sensible kids.  I want them to be responsible and if they do something wrong - they have to own up.  In no way - I will accept a "I don't know" as I feel that no one is STUPID in this world. It is just up to yourself to accept the knowledge and strive to gain it - that is the most important.  

Enough ramblings - do leave me a note on what you feel.


naddy said...

mich, somehow last few days i also felt a lil grumpy with myself... i feel like screaming everytime i cant find my things and i screamed at my cats, yes my cats esp when they try to kacau me... sigh... but im getting better... i guess like u, ive also been bogged down with lotsa things... so i think it's high time we have a lil break kan ehehe


Wati Basri said...

U r not paranoid babe!! U r jus being a NORMAL mom!!!