Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Art exhibition

Hope Canon doesn't sue me- Sean used their caption.  Sean Ku Airlines - Delighting you always. Hope I get my red coloured jet once my son strike it rich! HE promised me one.  ;)

His Lego car.  Always a mess...  LOL!

The munchkin standing proudly beside his works of art.

Clarissa - Dancing Butterflies

My Beautiful mummy by Clarissa.  
I know what Al is going to say. Its not me - but my daughter says it is me.  I am beautiful - wheee!!! :)

Clarissa with her paintings - all smug and happy.

Sorry photo uploaded in the wrong sequence. Of late - Blogger has been giving me problems on loading.  The tea ceremony which Purple Cane threw for us.  Teaching the kids how to make tea in the proper way.  My 2 were too tired from the bazaar to participate. Hence - we sat down in a corner quietly to enjoy the ceremony.

With their Art Teacher Jane.  Thanks Jane for organising this exhibition.  We all know that you have worked very hard.

Group photo.

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teacher jessy said...

Wow beautiful pieces by S & C!! I'm proud of you both. Way to go guys!