Monday, November 24, 2008

Alice Smith Bazaar

Cookies container made by Agnes. Thanks dear - its just too cute.

Lately - I have been quite DUH to say the least. But I have forgotten to take pics at the American Bazaar. Luckily I have remembered to take some rudimentary shots at the Alice Smith Xmas Bazaar. I have to remember to thank the following people for all their help rendered:

1) Agnes
who drove diligently and made such beautiful cards, cookie gift containers, crackled some signs for us, Xmas ornaments, buying us the wires for the albums etc for us to sell and worked so hard for everything. My heartfelt thanks to you Agnes.

2) Jessy
who is my "in-house" photographer and always is there to support me. Helped me make beautiful cards, taking lovely photos, Xmas ornaments, etc.

3) Aida
Most of the kids that bot the notebooks were lovingly fingering the tassels that you taught me. We have an order for the Ikea Spice Jars - 20 - thanks to you - you single handedly helped me raise RM400 plus. Thanks so much for your ideas.

4) Nadhrah
For helping us sell our products at the Curve, her house, The Choice in Bangsar etc etc... A very big thank you as the first sale was made by you.

5) Elizabeth
Thanks so much for the aid in getting our tables at the Alice Smith and so generously sponsoring our tables. In addition - you were great in promoting our products and the bulk of sales came from you.

6) Alison
Thanks for your very generous donation and the no questions asked policy and just whipping out your cheque book.

7) S-Lene
For your cash donation and 20 Ikea jars. I will cutting away soon and bringing the jars to you.

8) E-Lene
For buying all my Basic Grey Ball Xmas Ornaments

9) Lek
You know what you bought and for spending some time with me.

10) Lai Cheng
Who is always a dear and support in terms of buying and encouraging my kids.

11) Debbie - for your donation.

12) The rest - is too many to name but a HEARTFELT THANKS from me. I will be visiting the Kg Tekir kids on the 29th and will come back with photos showing you how happy the kids were. Thanks for helping me put a smile on a less fortunate kid.


Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Awwwwww shhucks !!! Hey you did the work, I did the easy party *LOL*

teacher jessy said...

Thank you YOU Mich for all the hard work and all the initiative to raise funds for the orang asli kids!! A BIG round of applause to you & the rest who helped in every ways :)

naddy said...

wuhooo congrats mich :) im happy for u... all da best hugs