Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journal - Raising social responsible kids

In my bid to raise social responsible kids - our latest venture was the kids doing the Alice Smith bazaar and making cookies in order to raise funds for them.  I personally think that its very important to have a child that realises he/ she is much more fortunate than others are.  This is not done overnight but of course through years of training.

We went to the Kg Tekir on saturday.  It was amazing to see the conditions of the houses and the kids.  Education is not a priority to them and a lot of the kids just while their day away by just playing.  Jessy went in on tuesday to teach the kids this book - "The Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle".  The kids also learnt about the days of the week,  types of food in there both in Bahasa and English.  I was particularly saddened when I found out that the kids there do not know what is a birthday and what is a birthday cake.  That brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks to another kind friend, Linda - she sponsored 150 cupcakes for us to bring in for the kids.  These kids have not eaten a lot of the fruits that we have taken for granted - like pears,  plums,  some apples and oranges,  strawberries etc.  Nadhrah donated some party packs which the kids squealed and wowed in delight. Thanks so much Nadhrah.  I am sure when you see the happiness that radiated from these kids eyes - you would have teared up.

We were cutting up fruits in a frenzy to serve the kids and they gobbled most of the stuff up.  What a great feeling it was - just serving and doing good.  It was a tiring day but it was all worth it! I am now planning when to go next!


naddy said...

mich glad to hear tht the kids had fun... just looking at the pics... it feels good... at least i knw ive done some part too... even tho not much but what matters we did our part... so well done to everyone!

Wati Basri said...

Babe tt is sad to know tht they dnt even know wht is a bday cake... Got me all teary :(
Nxt time I must go with u!!!