Saturday, June 7, 2008

Journal - Fish from Kuala Selangor

I dedicate this post esp for Wati's hubby.  I hear he is a superb fisherman in his own right.  Hubby just bought these fishes from Kuala Selangor.  Its a fisherman's village and the fishes and prawns from there are very fresh and cheaper than KL.

This time DH bought loads of prawns.  They may appear small in this photo but bear in mind this bowl is the BIGGEST you can get in IKEA.  Its sort of a salad bowl size.  The first prawn pictures are fresher and retailing at RM48 per kilos.  There are 2 kilos in the bowl there.

Next we have the pomfrets which hubby loves.  Its not the normal white pomfret and I know it by a chinese name hence I have no idea what it is called in english.  

The prawns at the bottom is cheaper at RM40 a kilo. Not so fresh but again sizable - 2 kilos there.  That definitely sums up for this buying fish trip!  Then,  there is a mackerel and a grouper.  Hope you enjoy the fishes Chris.  


Wati Basri said... blk pompfret look soo yummy...and the grouper....and of course the prawns are sooo yummylicious!! thanks babe for the pics...chris is loving it looking at it :)

n said...

wow tht look freshhhhh yummy2... can imagine- can cook asam pedas, ikan sambal, pasta (prawn) uuuuu yum yum

Liza said...

Wow babe the fishes and the prawns!!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Look absolutely delightful!!

chowchow said...

yup ladies - very yummy indeed...