Sunday, June 8, 2008

Journal - Lunch fun with Shar

I finally caught up with Shar after a month and we chilled in the house doing nothing much except the kids playing together.  We went off to lunch at Alexis and this incident happened there.  I was chatting up with Dira and telling her that I used to call the plaits in her hair curly whirly,  "Dira,  I call this curly whirly."  Dira gave me a look and said very dramatically -" I call it a TOH-CANG." (actually tocang is pronounced as tocang but cos Dira was so dramatic - she said TOHHH CANG

This gal is definite good for a laugh anytime - Dira and all her words.  It really cracks me up how she puts things in words and how she speaks.  Dira - you are definitely too cute!!! 

Thanks for coming over girls,  Clarissa and I loved hanging out with you all....

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