Sunday, September 9, 2007

Layout - Clarissa {Wonder Woman}

I had a good laugh doing this layout. I ain't no Picasso neither am I Stan Lee. But the picture that I drew of Wonder Woman will have to do, will have to do.

Clarissa had her picture taken with Wonder Woman in Movieworld. I was sure that she had no idea who she was at that time. Although Sean reminded her that she had seen her in the Justice League. For the more ancient ones like myself, we grew up watching the Wonder Woman series.

As usual, I just drew a comic strip to depict her. My only embellishment was a picture that I hand drew - ain't much but would have to suffice. The rest is just the sizzix lettering. i have also added a stamp on the layout which I loved. See if you can spot it.


Shaz said...

I cannot draw like that! well done!

naddy said...

nice :)