Saturday, September 15, 2007

Layout - Anticipating

This is page 1 of a 10 pages commission by a close friend of mine. I normally do not like to do scrapbooks for other for the fear I may not live up to the expectation. In addition, I am in the Elsie Flanigan mood lately and I have been doodling a lot and I am afraid that others may not like it.

However, after I started this layout, I am glad that I am sorta back to normal with my layouts. However, I could not resist to to fill in the outline of the lettering with my marker pen to make is more pronounced, he he... I added some heart-shaped buttons as an after thought as I thought this would create a better visual triangle.

Why the title "Anticipating?" Waiting for the baby. I added the following pregnant words from a a magazine which I thought were very apt:

heartburn, achy back, stretch marks, 9 months period free!, feeling a life move inside me, waiting with anticipation, baby name brainstorming, huge prenatal vitamins, tiny cute clothes, excitement, joy, paranoia, growing tummy, weight gain, maternity clothes, dreaming of you, Doctor appointments, quiet moments alone, labour pains, lots of pictures, first moments, soft baby skin, middle of night feedings, initial painful nursing, cuddling, dirty diapers, soft warm blankets, gushing grandmas and perfect unconditional love.


Basic Grey LilyKate paper, lace, trim, Heidi Swapp flower, Acid-free 3d Lacquer, Adirondack Acrylic dabbers and a maroon button and some heart=shaped buttons.


~Jules~ said...

What a gorgeous page!

chowchow said...

Thanks very much Jules. My first comment from the land down under!!!

naddy said...

simple n nice layout... love the lacey ribbon

Anonymous said...

Just cannot wait to show this page to my dear aunty! Just love your creative and detailed work you do, Chow Chow!!