Saturday, September 8, 2007

Layout - Batman and Batboy

These are 2 layouts that depict what happened when we went to Movieworld in the Gold Coast in 2005. Sean was totally in awe of Batman. He was especially thrilled when Batman actually took the time to walk up to him and speak with him and posed for photos. The results were a series of cool pics of Batman and potentially Batboy??? LOL

I am trying out a new style of scrapping today - freehand drawing comic style on the events. In the first layout, I started with a cityscape with the Batmobile. Then it was the batmobile moving along at a rapid speed. The journalling went :

One day in Gotham City... Batman was cruising along in his Batmobile. His latest mission was to find Batboy...

In the 2nd layout, I had Batman looking and spotting the potential Batboy, convincing him to join his crime-fighting crusade and both of them posing for photos. The jounalling went:

Suddenly, a special boy caught his eye. He jumped out of his Batmobile and approached the lad. "Would you like to join me as my new sidekick?" asked Batman. Sean, the boy, readily agreed and a new crime-fighting duo - BATMAN & BATBOY was created!!!

This layout is a deviation from what I normally do. I had fun doing the comic strips. I started sketching with pencil, graduating to watercolour and enhancing the images with markers. Must say that this is one of the most cutest designs that I have tried.

Materials used:

Acid-free art block, Water colour, Markers and lots of imagination!!!

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Shaz said...

wow! I love your LO!