Thursday, September 6, 2007

Journal - First day of school {MIGS}

Kids are finally transferred to an international school. Both were very excited and yes, mummy being sick and such a blur blob did not take any photos of them in their new uniform yet. Mental not to self - must take photos of kids in new uniform.

Sean is in Year 3 and Clarissa is in Year 5. Sean cried at assembly when he was asked to introduce himself. He told me, "I was just too shy." It was business as usual for Clarissa as she was appointed as a probationary prefect. Clarissa has been a prefect for 2 years now in her old school. She is most thrilled as the school is offering Choral Speaking as an ECA subject. My girl loves going on the stage to talk hence this will be a great opportunity to tap that talent.

Both has made friends and hopefully everything will go well.

I would like to congratulate my friend who has managed to get her son into Alice Smith and her daughter to Garden international, ending months of anxiety. I am sure everything will be smooth sailing for your family thereafter too.

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