Sunday, November 4, 2007

Journal - Ka Mun's Death

I write this with a heavy heart - Ka Mun was found drowned at 11.30p.m. last night and I have no details at this time. This is what I found at the find Ka-Mun's blog.

Update 11:30 PM, 3rd Nov 2007:
It is indeed a sad finding that Kha Mun's body was founded drowned in a stream a few KM away from the small town of Gopeng. While awaiting post-mortem and other details of the sad incident, the family of Kha Mun would like to thank those who played an active role in helping to locate her as well as the care and concern for her well being.
Let us join the Chin family to mourn for the lost of Kha Mun who is too young to die at 12.
More updates to follow ......

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