Saturday, November 24, 2007

Journal - Tagged

I have been tagged by my fellow DT, KitKatz at SnC. I now have to reveal 7 random facts about myself. Here it goes:

1) Like Kitkatz - I LIVE to eat!!!

2) I must sleep a lot - otherwise I will get run down and get sick. Normal hours - 9.30p.m. till 6a.m.

3) I love to operate on a routine. E.g. I go marketing on a certain day, do my walks at a certain time on certain days etc. I normally get stressed and forgetful if my routine is disrupted.

4) I love to travel. Luckily my other half and kids are game although must say that DH loves the cold weather whilst I am not so keen on it. I love experiencing diff things in life. I esp love visiting the areas where all the normal or even poor people stay. Dont ask me why...

5) I have to lose more weight. I used to weigh 45 kilos but being older and wiser now - I will strive for 54 kilos. I always think that I need to work on myself more. Need to lose weight and need to look better - I am hovering at 57 or 58 on a bad day.

6) I am normally a happy person. I love conditioning myself that way.

7) I cry very easily. I cry at sad movies, I cry when my friend's cry, when someone passes away - even though I dont know them. My tears will just flow naturally. Awfully nuts right?

Well, this is certainly very revealing. Kitkatz - hope you are satisfied.

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scrapperlicious said...

it's great to read more about you!