Monday, November 26, 2007

Journal - Hometown Abode

Our hometown abode was built by my father-in-law (fil) in 1982. To me - this house is just a product of a proud ex-rubber tapper who made good for his family. What I loved about this house apart from the size is the surroundings. The kids have plenty if space to run and bike and it is situated from prying eyes as we are on top of a small hill.

To reminisce, I have taken a couple of pics of my favourite things in this house. I love all the old things in this house e.g. the grandfather clock that my fil will have to wind everytime he comes, my mil's sewing machine, the marble walls and the lights on wooden ceiling. This old swing is where I spent some pleasant time in the breeze whilst reading my novels. The kids will running or biking around and marvelling at the snails, ants or spiders that they see. My kids are very much city kids. All these things are in not so pristine condition as the house is vacant except when we go home. Hence, I thought I better blog them before they are gone.

I used to have a vegetable plot that alas was overgrown when I was away and my fil filled my vegetable patch up unceremoniously with cement. Only a profusion of screwpine leaves are left, sigh... I managed to chance upon some old sweet potato vines that had dried up since then. Brought back some nice memories when I used to grow tapiaco, tomatoes, chillies, papaya, pineapples, choy sum vege, sweet potatoes and even kailan.

Alas, all that is left is a tumble of screwpine leaves (pandan leaves) and some flowers which the domestic engineers trimmed bare but not before I took some photos of the flowers, of course.

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