Monday, November 26, 2007

Journal - Scenes of Hometown I

Hometown for DH is a sleepy town in Johore called Segamat. It was made famous last year by the floods. Nearly most of the segamt town people were trapped by the floods and awaited rescue for a week! Hopefully, we will not see any of this sort of natural disaster this year.

I awoke to a beautiful scenery from my house. It was 7 o'clock in the am but the whole town seemed to be enveloped in a fine mist. I took my camera to take some pictures of it. I was unable to sleep the night before as the authorities has taken to draw thick yellow anti-speed lines in front of our house. Drats, it sounded so loud everytime any car drove past. Even my poor kids were not spared by the awful racket! Both did not sleep well as a result - plus mummy too...

My kids love going back as they normally enjoy stress-free cycling and they were already at it plus a round of plastic golf. LOL!!! I am delighted that they always enjoy being away from the city and I think they are so lucky to be able to appreciate the difference.

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