Friday, November 16, 2007

Journal - Hansel and Gretel Play

Clarissa had her first performance in MGIS today. She played the part of the stepmom in Hansel and Gretel. The show was adapted from the Hansel and Gretel but had a few variations:

1) Witch could not afford a gingerbread house cos of the high taxes
2) There were the 7 elves that came to the rescue of Hansel and Gretel but failed

3) There was a fairy dogmother and a fairy frogfather who eventually rescued the 2 by jumping into the pot

4) Both Hansel and Gretel succeeded in being super irritating by repeating the their names on and on in whiny voices.
The play was simply hilarious! I must say that I was so pleased that everyone in year 5 participated and really put up a great show. Great effort shown by the kids and teachers who pulled this play together in 2 weeks! Check out the expressions on Clarissa's face - priceless.... LOL!!!


scrapperlicious said...

Looks like Clarissa had fun! Great story! Hey! Your props looks fabulous!

teacher jessy said...

You are extremely qualified to be a 'soccer mum'! It's great that you get involved in their school's play :)