Sunday, November 11, 2007

Altered Clipboard - Xmas 2007

This is an altered clipboard that I made yesterday. I played with a completely new technique yesterday - gesso combined with acrylic paint. The gesso was a little thicker than I envisioned and one has to use it sparingly on patterned paper. If you look carefully, the gesso is the painted white bits. As I had applied it too much, I added some red acrylic paint to counter the white gesso.

The rest of the layout is pretty standard. Cutting images that I like from the patterned paper. Don't you just love Santa with his glasses? If anyone could look good with glasses - its Santa. Oh yes, I discovered an old tube of outdoor mod podge and I used it to adhere the patterned paper to the clipboard. I must say that it is adhering really well.

I am really looking forward to Xmas and hopefully we will be able to move back home soon as the renovations complete.


LaY hOoN said...

wow ! It's so marvellous.

chowchow said...

Thansk LH. Its pretty simple actually. This was what I wanted to do for the crop.

scrapperlicious said...

This is very beautiful! Love that pic too!