Thursday, October 11, 2007

Journal - Pics of Temporary Quarters

This post is specifically for Janine. These are pics of our new temporary abode. Firstly, please excuse the mess. We are all ill inlcuding Polly and I really don't care if the apartment is untidy as tidying up is not my strongest suit. The apartment is smaller than mine at 3050 square feet. Unlike mine, this apartment stretches out in one level in the most unusual way.

Anyway, returning to the post, the first pic would be of our living room. It is painted in terracotta red which I really love. Must be the chinese in me. I am contemplating painting some walls red in my apartment as a result. Then comes a corridor looking space which I placed my burmese teak round tables and chairs. Then comes the areas which I placed my antique chinese chairs. It is a very messy area here as I have dumped most of my scrapbooking work here and never tidied up. Beyond that which you can't see in this picture, would be the piano.

Then comes the dining area. I bought this black table and chairs for RM199 - great bargain. To protect this cheapie table, I threw on this ugly plastic table cloth that Ku bought from London at Laura Ashley for me ages ago. It was simply too ugly to use but serves the purpose now. Yes, Sean is sitting there grinning away whilst doing his homework. The IV was finally removed yesterday and he can now do his homework. His excuse on both tuesday and wednesday was he couldn't write with his left hand. Well, now that the IV is off, we will see about that.
Next photo is my bedroom. It is similar to mine and as big too. Thereafter comes Clarissa's room. If you look closely, you will see the Baby Bjorn doll that you bought her sitting in the stroller partially covered by the batik cushion. That doll must be more than 5 years old, yes? Thanks, she still plays with it and yes with Sean too. Next comes Sean's room and then the guest room. All with toilets attached, yes.
The kitchen is very small. We have the service yard thereafter and the maid's room and toilet. Unfortunately, there is not a store room here and with so much stuff, I use the maid's room for storage. Polly sleeps in the guest room and she bunks in with one of the kids when we have visitors which is rare.
So, that sums up the whole apartment. Will post photos of my apartment after it has been remodelled. Till then, adios.


* Dream Weaver * said...

I really like your living room. It looks so cosy... I just feel like sinking into the sofa and reading a book :)
Real nice!

chowchow said...

Thanks Dream Weaver. It is the only neat place in the house at the moment LOL!!!