Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Layout - Hawaiian {Clarissa}

Another old layout that I did in 2004 when I did not have bazzill paper, alphabets, etc. I used flowers, wires and beads that I bought from Masjid India. I sewed the flowers on with needle and thread and a bead each. The I covered the wired using flower tape in white and fashioned them into individual letterings. It was a relatively simple layout with the very little stuff that we had back then. Scrapbooking was hardly popular then in KL.
A friend of mine commented that she felt that her old layouts are lame. For me - yes, they are not show pieces but what to do? When I started, I hardly had any SB materials. But at least there is some form of comparison and see how far along we have come. I still like this layout although the proportions etc are not that great but it was fun to see what one can come up with without any scrapbooking embellishments.

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