Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Journal - Halloween 2006

My next assignment is to finish a Halloween starbook. Just managed to find my Halloween pics on CD and thought I will blog them before I started working on them. Have to get them developed tomorrow and finish the album and upload them for Scrap-n-Crop as soon as possible. In the meantime, I leave you with photos of what I made for our Halloween 2006 party. I am quite tired but I am not sure if we are having a party this year. Sigh.. so much work for a party.

Just in case if you are wondering, the halloween artwork is all painted by me onto styrofoam. We had a great party where kids had lots of games and food. There was even a best costume award - which is the trophy which you can see on the 1st picture. Nice, huh? Well, we will see if I have enough energy this year for a party.

Bought some pumpkins from the market and decorated them with liquorice sticks, marshmallows and some candy with toothpicks. A witch pinata completed our halloween party. Check out all our party packs! It was a fun and great party I must admit but it was lots of work though.

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