Monday, October 29, 2007

Journal - Flowers {School Play}

First of all I must thank Sharon of Scrappingville for teaching me how to make these flowers. They are so beautiful, thanks very much. Why do I need to make the flowers?
Its for Clarissa's school play. The flowers would form part of the forest floor and they are doing Hansel and Gretel play. Will blog her play in another 3 weeks when it happens.

Which role has Clarissa playing? She is auditioning for the role of the stepmom. Drats, mummy wanted her to play the witch since I spent a bomb on her witch's costume for halloween. But those who have kids knows that our kids never listen do they? Snicker... Cest la Vie.


naddy said...

michelle, nice flowers!! :)

kitkat said...

its going to be 1 beautiful forest!!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

these are very pretty flowers... are they made by tissue papers? What paper was that??


chowchow said...

Hi Sharine,

The flowers are made of tissue paper. I love them very much too. They are beautiful!