Sunday, October 28, 2007

Journal - Images of Halloween 2007

Halloween was celebrated in style yesterday. We had a bat pinata - thanks to S getting it from the store. S very kindly sponsored our party packs this year. Being summer all year round in Malaysia, the kids had a swim before the party started. Good old K (SL's hubby) helped to build the fire.

V came over with kids, mom and sister in tow. One of V's kids - is a special child. The rest of the parents were glad of the opportunity to meet with B and educate our kids on special kids. Thanks for coming V. It was our pleasure meeting B.

There were lots of food from different countries - Azerbijan, India and Malaysia. Sorry folks, I was running around too much and forgot to take pics of the food. The kids had a great time and it was mission accomplished. Till next year.

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kitkat said...

gosh, it must have been an awesome party!!! love all your halloween decorations. wish i could have been there.