Sunday, October 14, 2007

Journal - Selamat Hari Raya

Dear all Muslim friends,

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin. I had the pleasure of going to 2 open houses today and I must say that we have had loads of fun just eating - yes the food was yummilicious and the socializing most fun as we haven't met up for some time.

I love going to kak's house for Raya regardless if it is in Seremban or Perth. A notoriously immaculate and trendy house owner, the affable Ruby never fails to dazzle us with her unimitable style and there is always something new to admire in that abode of hers in Bukit Chedang. From the notoriously yummylicious achar and rendang to the designer furniture, every nook and corner is a delight.

This year, there was the addition of special tapai. Tapai as I found out was fermented glutinuous rice wrapped up in a special leaf which was surprisingly very soft and sweet. The achar and rendang packed a punch as usual. In addition, she had beautiful tiny cupcakes which went very quickly as they were so easy to pop into the mouth.

Briyani rice together with to die for beef rendang and ayam masak merah completed the very filling lunch. How could I forget, the very crispy papadum that Sean loves. All in all it was the most yummy lunch and as Garfield puts it quite aptly, "My tank (tummy) is full".


* Dream Weaver * said...

The cupcakes look yumyum :)

chowchow said...

Yes, the cupcakes were yummylicious. They are from Check them out, dream weaver. You haven't replied my questions, are you a scrapper dear?

* Dream Weaver * said...

So sorry about the late reply. I just started my new job this week and it has been hectic to say the least. At times I wonder what possessed me to accept the job...

Anyways, yes I am a scrapper :)
I dont' really have the time to scrap but adore collecting and browsing through blogs to look at the beautiful layouts that people have created.

I aspire to spend atleast 4 hours each weekend to do my arts and crafts but its tough juggling my full time job and freelance work.

chowchow said...

I see. Please share your layouts in We have started a forum, you can always post your layouts and comments.

* Dream Weaver * said...

Yup. I sure will :)