Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Canvas Scrap - Siblings

I have finally done something which I think is original. Took a piece of canvas and painted it. Stuck a fave photo on it and embellished it. Will call it a canvas scrap. The whole idea came to me when I first started thinking on my house renovation. I wanted to put something on the wall that was distintively ours and hence, what could better than art on canvas by the kids and I.

Yes, I know that we are hardly artists but at least the house has our own touches that we can call distinctively ours. This will definitely be one of the wall hangings coupled with the kids' art on the wall.

1 comment:

Shaz said...

woowwwweee... i need to see this hardcopy.. i need to feel the texture...hehehe.. yes this is definitely a masterpiece for the house! i need to come over to see this!