Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hi!!! I have finally started my own blog, thanks to the encouragement from Sharon. If you are a scrapper from Malaysia and am looking for supplies - please visit Scrappingville at the Bangsar Shopping Centre on the 2nd floor. Sharon is the proud owner of Scrappingville.

I am first and foremost a scrappingbooking-queen-wannabe.... Ahem, but not getting there though - I must stress. I have been scrapbooking since 1994. Most of my layout are of course of my kids (like most mothers) and I love making mini-albums as they are so easy to decorate. Yes, lah( lah - is a malaysian slang which we, Malaysians tend to attach to every word), one has to admit - a 12 x 12 layout ain't easy when the mind ain't working, hey....

Will try to load my layouts as soon as possible. But the technically-challenged me, hmmm. maybe give me a week to figure everything out? Till then, my fello scrapping bloggers, adios and have a great day!!!!

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