Friday, July 27, 2007

Layout - Fish Wish

Malaysia is a tropical country. It is hot and humid with a smattering of thunderstorms mostly in the afternoons. Hence, swimming is definitely a fave amongst kids here. Sean loves his swimming very much and often envisions himself as a fish. This was very common when he watched the show "Finding Nemo". Who wouldn't want to be Nemo????

This set of photographs were taken by another photographer friend of mine called Sarah Grasset. She has taken awesome photos of my kids. Thanks a lot Sarah for all the beautiful photos.

I chanced upon this poem and I knew I had to use it for his swimming layout. As the pic ain't great, I will type the poem out for anyone who wants to use it:

If I were a fish

If I could have a single wish

I'd dearly wish to be a fish

Swimming in the deep blue sea

But if I were a fish, I think

I'd have chocolate milk to drink

None of my favourite songs to sing

No playing on a tyre swing

I couldn't hug my family

And I know that they will surely miss me!

So though a fish's life sounds cool

I'd stick to swimming in the pool.

The page is basic as I wanted the photos to be the main feature. I always loved simple designs when the photos themselves are nice in order not to overwhelm the layout. I stamped the title and embossed with clear embossing powder in vellum, attached the title with brads. Then printed the poem in vellum and again attached it with brads. The only "fancy" thing I did was to bead a fish to complement the page.

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