Friday, July 27, 2007

Morning Blues

It's 6.28a.m. Gosh, I such a blur blob - took me 20 mins to sign up. Finally I can start posting again before I go for my walk at KLCC park. I am currently trying to load the photos onto my brand-new laptop and will be ready soon for posting all my work. Yippee..... Well - there are around 800 photos so this could take a while.

Sean is sick today, yes, yet again. He is wheezing and I think I will keep him home. He is awake and thinks that creating your own blog is really cool. Guess I will "torture" him by sending him to the chinese acupunturist for treatment. The combi of acupuncture and cupping was extremely effective for Clarissa, my other one. Clarissa was on combivent, singular, phensydyl and aerius for her wheezing. A 2 hour session of massage, acupunture and cupping did miracles - she was better and I took her off the meds. I have to. Will load the photos when I return after my morning walk.

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