Sunday, July 29, 2007

Journal - What's in the Box?

Everyone needs one in their family. It's a Sean in a Box. Comes complete with mischief, ability to make you angry, sad, anxious, and a whole other array of emotions. Who needs a Tamagotchi when you have Sean in a Box???
I have started packing for my impending renovations. It is progressing at a snail's pace as everytime I want to do something major, somone starts wheezing. Sigh... I am cursed to stay in a disintegrating and messy home.
Sean was found these 2 boxes and taped them unceremoniously together with my expensive silver tape! Sigh... Sean - you see a spaceship from the boxes, I see - What a waste of boxes!!! Just when I thought you outgrew Buzz Lightyear - guess not.

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