Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Journal - Sean - MRI

Sean went for a MRI today. He has been plagued with headaches lately and we have decided to do the MRI. To prepare him for the MRI, I made him watch House and convinced him that it was really cool to do a MRI.

I accompanied Sean into the room and he was really happy getting strapped into the machine, etc. It was really noisy when the imaging started and carried on for 30 mins. I was really surprised that he could hold still for the required half an hour. In reality, he was asleep when we got him out of the machine.

The good news is that there are no lesions on the head. However, the imaging showed some sinusitis and he has to consult with the ENT tomorrow. We will know then what is the next course of action. I have been advised that if he does not respond to medication, the surgeon may have to do a puncture and drain out the fluid. Hope we don't have to do that.

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