Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scrap Layout - Clarissa {Beautiful}

Clarissa came home from school one day in tears. Her schoolmates have teased her and called her ugly. I didn't want her to have such a shallow perception on being beautiful and I decided to scrap this page to make her feel better.

The words are simple and not from me. I saw it somewhere and found that it was very suitable here. The wordings in this layout goes:

If you smile often

If you seek to be kind

If you are always thankful

Then you will always be beautiful.

That is one of the main reason that I scrap. I really want to leave my mark and lessons to my kids. I know it sounds ambitious but to me nothing is more powerful than the written word. I hope that in time, they will read and these journals do become something for them to hold on to, especially when I am not around.

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