Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal - Sean - the Homework Fiasco

Last night we had a homework fiasco with Sean. His Malay Language teacher has given him around 10 pages of written homework. For those who think that this is too much, this teacher has even given more - 19 pages would be her record. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for the kids to complete the homework.

I was cajoling and practically begging him to finish it as chinese school teachers do not spare any mercy when you do not complete your homework. It would normally be a stroke of the cane when this happens.

He obediently went into the room to do it but walked out soon after 10 mins. The cheeky little monkey had finish only the back pages and showed the completed back pages to me. I checked and told him to finish the rest. He went in again and was out within another 10 mins. This time, he tore out all the pages of the incomplete homework!

I was livid and spanked him on his bottom and this time he finally completed the homework. Sigh... Luckily, we live in malaysia, anywhere else, it will be child abuse.

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