Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal - Art Work by Clarissa and Sean

My kids have been taking art for over a year now under the tutelage of Ms Jane Yap. Clarissa enjoys the class most immensely and displayed the most passion for art. They have started to paint on canvas this year and I must say that the results are astonishing.

I have selected 2 of my favourite pieces from the 2. The rose was pianted by Clarissa for me as a mother's day present. The photo may not show it well but it's a rose with a gold swirly background. Don't you think it's precious? I think that it is one of her best work.

Sean has a playmobil fire truck which he has depicted in his painting. This painting to me is like him - in need of action all the time from the fire and his love for machinery - the fire engine.

I am very proud of them both and and thankful for Ms Yap who has lead them so well. I know that they are no picassos but they are both budding artists to me.

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Shaz said...

You have to give me this lady's contact details.. I have been looking for a place for Nadia to take up art lessons..she loves art!