Friday, August 31, 2007

Journals - Impossible Xmas Lists

I have just asked the kids for their Xmas wishlists today and they both came up with impossible wishlists. Just look at the items they requested -

1) Laptops

2) Digital Cameras - Yes, the DSLR kind (mummy just bought 1, so I need one too)

3) I-pods (hmmm, under consideration)

4) New phones (snicker - yeah right - like that will happen)

Anyway, will wait for the moment to pass and will ask again and ask them to be reasonable. Sigh.. as if they know the meaning of that word, LOL!

I am leaning more towards a WII Nintendo, mummy is looking forward to a workout with it. Heard that the games on it makes one run around and you really do sweat whilst playing it. Perhaps I can convince the 2 monsters. Later....

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