Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal - Clarissa - Homework Fiasco

Sigh... what is it with homework and the kids? If these two doesn't mix, why can't we do away with homework then? Life would be so much easier. The school system in this country is so homework - predominant if I must say so. More often than not, I am constantly fighting with the kids over homework.

Clarissa has developed a way of skipping homework all the time. I dread to go to her school as when I do, I get teachers surrounding me just to inform me of the homework situation. Clarissa has deviced lots of ingenious ways to skip homework over the years:

1) The most common - I lost my book
2) My brother lost my book
3) Tear out the relevant homework pages and pretend nothings happened
4) Buying a new exercise book and pretending that she has used up all the pages in the old one.
5) I don't know how to do the homework and crying non-stop.

With such aversion to homework, shall we do away with it once and for all???

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