Friday, August 24, 2007

Layout - Irresistable Ian

Ian - Beth's son is by far one of the most photogenic boy I have seen. He is very cute and when I stumbled upon this "recipe", I knew I had to use it to journal Ian. Here it goes:



Yield : 1

1 Part Devlish Grin

Dash orneriness

2 Parts Rambunctiousness

4 small Puppy Tails

1 Large Helping of a Loving Heart

A pinch of Sweetness

Stir all ingredients together, bake at 99 degrees for about 9 months.

Can mold into any number of things. Cannot kept contained.

Will change and mellow with age, maybe.

I just used bazzill yellow and black cardstock. My only embellishment was my trusty old DYMO machine. I just used it for labels across the layout and punched out words like : When good looks meet big trouble Guaranteed Charm, Boys will be Boys, Genuine Boy and Boy oh Boy. I did this layout in 2005. This layout maybe scraplifted if I am not wrong.

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