Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Journal - Batik Painting

Took the kids batik painting today. They had a great time and they both painted 2 each. Sean chose to paint 2 Pokemon characters and Clarissa did a batik circle design and a cat. My good friend Grace offered to sew the design into a pillow. Thanks Grace, we are looking forward to seeing that, very original.

For those who are interestedin batik painting, it is available at the Craft Centre at Jln Conlay in Kuala Lumpur. They charge a nominal fee for a cotton piece (RM15) and silk piece (RM20). All you have to do would be to trace the your own chosen picture in pencil and they will wax it for you. Thereafter, you paint the piece and voila - you have your very own piece of batik art! It is that easy. It is a great activity for the kids and the compound at the Craft Complex is large enough for them to roam around if they get bored.

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