Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Journal - Sean's Marriage???

Yes, Sometimes Sean can be a little bit of a mama's boy. He can say the sweetest thing. We were teasing him about his many girlfriends through his years and a couple did come up that he really fancied. The first one would be Patricia. She was the sweetest and cutest girl from the Children's House but we lost touch when she moved unexpectedly.

He was also quite fond of Katelyn. Katelyn was one of them that was very exuberant and had lots of energy. Sean really liked Katelyn and always have thought that he wanted Lysha, Katelyn's mom to be his mom. Of course we all know that Lysha is this sweet thing and Me - the ugly screaming witch!

Of late, he seems of be leaning towards Wen Li as he has tuition together with her. Wen Li is very clever and is the class monitress.

However, when we asked him in a joking manner of course, who would he like to marry. He would always inadvertantly choose either mummy or his sister. That is one of the highest compliment one can have. Wonder how long this phase is going to last......

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